I want to be a drummer but I don't want to make any noise
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I live on the top storey of a four-floor walkup. I'm thinking about buying an electronic drum kit, but I'm wondering about the thumping of the pedals on the floor. Yes, even on an electronic kit. I know that if I think I'm bombarding my neighbours with thumping on their ceiling every time I sit down, I won't practice. Have you done this? Did you use anything to reduce vibration from the pedals? Or have you lived under someone who played an electronic kit? Could you hear it?

Other relevant details:
- I'm not considering an acoustic kit (tho as you may be able to tell from this question, I've only ever played acoustic kits).
- The building is brick, my floors are low-pile carpet > foam underlay > concrete.
- I don't need suggestions for other ways I could practice that don't involve buying a kit. I just want to figure out how feasible this idea is.
- You are, however, welcome to tell me that I'm overthinking this.

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How well do you know the people that live below you? The best way to test your concern about the pedal on roof thumping would be to grab a kick pedal and something solid and rubbery to hit it against and go stand under the kit while someone else thumps on it.

I think you are being a super considerate neighbour but are overthinking a bit. I have an electric kit, and it is only as silent as you hitting rubber pads with sticks can be, but obviously much better than an acoustic kit! I have a similar carpet on concrete floor situation and don't worry too much about the thumping (I figure it can't be worse than the apartment above me with floorboards where they wake up at 4am and walk around in shoes every day) but am conscious not to play after 9pm.
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I have an electronic kit and I doubt if you put a carpet under it it would be too loud.
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My son has an electric kit that he keeps upstairs in our house. Downstairs, I can hear him play it (he plays hard) but if there's noise from the TV or I'm cooking in the kitchen or the air conditioner is on, I don't really notice it. If he decides to practice at 4 AM when the house is otherwise silent, then it's noticeable. I think you're OK if you keep to reasonable noise-making hours. Also they sell padded rugs to put drum kits on, this should help mitigate the noise as well as preserve your carpet.
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