Where to find a canvas wallet
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Where can I find a good canvas (or similar material) wallet?

I've done all the Google searching for "canvas wallet" but have yet to find something I like. There are a couple on Urban Outfitters' site, but they are still not quite there for me.

I have had the same wallet since I was 12, now 26, and its time to let it go :(

So, where can I find a wallet? Made of canvas or a similar material.
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What materials are similar to canvas? My suspicion is that you mean "not leather" or maybe "vegan" but it'd be a wild-assed guess. What's wrong with the ones you found Googling that you don't like? Give us something to go on.

In general, though: Department stores, Gap, Old Navy, REI, that kind of thing.
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Material like Cordura... I don't like leather. Leather doesn't hold up well, especially in wet conditions. Most department stores that you mentioned only sell leather wallets.

This one is really cool, but I am not sold on the smoking pigeon.
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Maybe take a look at All-Ett. I got a Junior a couple weeks ago and I really like how small it is. The fabric is synthetic sail-cloth, and it's sort of crinkly (noisy), but it is very thin and makes a great front-pocket wallet.
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Timbuk2 makes a ballistic nylon wallet.

I've been using an Eagle Creek wallet similar to this one for years and years. (Looks like my model's been discontinued.)
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Cordura-like wallets used to be very big in the early 80s. Maybe a time machine.

While you look for one of those, I'll second the All-Ett. It's crinkly when you are trying to pull bills out (not in my pocket) but extremely thin and it's worn quite well.
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Ben Sherman
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Fire Hose Wallet?
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Seconding the All-ett. I have the standard version that replaced a long ailing leather wallet and i love it. I was worried about the crinklyness a bit too but it's mostly gone away in the year since i've had it. the only drawback is it's a little slippery and sometimes a tad floppy with no bills in the pocket. On the upside it really is damn durable, It still looks brand new. no fading, no noticable wear to be seen. And yes, it is surprisingly flat.
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Most department stores that you mentioned only sell leather wallets.

I didn't mention any department stores, other than to say "department stores"! Mostly I was just trying to figure out if you were just after nonleather ones, or ones made of plant-based fibers, or what. But seriously: REI. The Timbuk2 one is neat.

That said, if you want a durable, water-resistant wallet, the jimi might be a possibility. I've got one and I love it. It's small, though.

There's always duct tape.
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No canvas, try hemp. And Sports Authority usually has a few Cordura wallets.
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Third for the All-Ett! I just got a Junior last week and I can't stop admiring how freakin' thin it is. Empty, it feels like a... teflon business card? Just a wisp of material. Full of my stuff, it's thinner than my old leather wallet is empty. Goodbye, wallet-butt.
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i've made my own in the past - i used the same material used to cover my grandmother's sofa (which i guess is a fairly heavyweight linen or cotton - not sure it woud qualify as canvas). a simple two-pocket affair (just for credit cards) is very easy. if you need instructions ask/email.

(although i now have a leather wallet that is holding up very well - i don't get it wet, but it seems that better quality leather lasts longer, even though it feels softer).
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I like Gravis wallets pretty well, and some of them are fabric.

And Cordura wallets are very popular among outdoorsy camping types--check REI, Campmor, MEC, etc.

Also: I doubt the Conphorm Um wallet is what you want, but I want to mention it because I think it's so cool.
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