Find me the superbestest wallet ever!
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Find me the superbestest wallet ever!

I've been looking in some local stores but everything I find is too serious, too boring or too small, so I'm hoping you good people can do for me what you do for all those people asking for a nice bag!

Things you may need to know:

- The biggest thing that would have to fit in this wallet would be my driver's licence (which is 11.5 by 8 cm / about 4.5"x3.5")
- It should have room for coins as well as notes. Also some credit card type stuff and some of that general fluff such as bus tickets and the like.
- I'm a hipster girl. It has to look good!
- Leather is preferred, but not mandatory.
- It would be great if I could buy it online.
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Sew your own out of Capri-Sun packets!
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First of all a wallet is an intensely personal item. It really depends on your activities, career and style. Also, do you want a bi-fold, tri-fold, or full-size rectangular wallet? Here are some I found that looked nice, but I really think wallet perfection that is different for everyone and may also come once in a lifetime.

Surf Styler
Wilsons's Leather
"The Leather Hipster"
Versace Croc Wallet
last one

On preview: Or duct tape!
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fandango_matt beat me handily; all I can do is second his answer.
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Don't forget Ducti. Made entirely from duct tape and if it ever wears out they replace free of charge.
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Don't buy a duct tape wallet. Make one. If you know anything about fabric and making items by hand (at all) then you'll be able to figure out how to make duct tape into a wallet.

The first duct tape wallet I made myself lasted about 2 years. I decided to make some changes to the design so I made another one (and switched up to Heavy-Duty Duct Tape). That wallet is still going strong 4 or 5 years later.

With duct tape you are sure to get the exact wallet you want and it also works as a great conversation piece.
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Maybe the ALL-ETT Billfold ?
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You might check out the Taxi Wallet.
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kenneth cole makes a great wallet that zips closed and has a smaller removable billfold inside. and there's a change pocket. i think its a great wallet, been using it for years. it doesn't appear to be online though.
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ah you're a girl. nevermind then, its a boy's wallet.
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I second smash's suggestion. I've had my duct tape wallet for four years or so. I found it very easy to make and even made a little ID window for my photo ID.

Here's a site to help you get started.

If you want to get fancy, try different colours.
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I just got me one of these Luke Chueh wallets, which I think is just about the superbestest wallet ever.

Pluses: Its fairly unique, funky, looks great, and meets all of your (non-leather) criteria.

Minuses: Its made of somewhat cheap plastic, so it won't take a lot of abuse. I see it as a special occasion rather than everyday sort of wallet.
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One of my female coworkers has the coolest "wallet" I have ever seen--she just took an old cigarette holder and uses it. The band that used to hold the cigarettes in place now work to hold her cash, ID, etc. It works great and looks very cool.
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The Pantone Color Chip wallet that I've got is very very cool and it's not showy but instead very understated and simple. It was also not super expensive. I think some of the bigger ones have zippers for change and stuff.

Pictures are here, but no link to purchase online. Found mine in a hipster store in NYC (East Village / Alphabet City).
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This is simply the best wallet/clutch I have ever owned. Fits everything and is well organized, plus by sliding your id in the interior slot you can easily flash it at bars and such. Damn good wallet, functional clutch, great colors...damn do I love this thing. I have it in bronze, my friend has the red.
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For something different, I would try one of the (many) independent/handmade online retailers that are around...

some suggestions:
loot by stina b
buy olympia

And this is barely scratching the's mind boggling. For even more you can check out the links at stitchpixie or i buy diy.
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jetskiaccidents beat me to the punch. some of awesomest girly wallets i've seen are at those sites. also:

cuca handmade
kiki's kitsch
cut and paste

those queen bee wallets are my favorite though.

i know you can buy hello kitty wallets online from sanrio, too.
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