The pursuit of the perfect non-purse.
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Lost a link ... it was to a site that sold wallets and canvas bags and clothes. It was based in the north westish states ( I want to say a Dakota? ) and also had a bit of a thing where they never used models in their pictures, actual employees or real customers only. I think I found it looking for zippered or taxi wallets about a year ago, and was impressed by their shoulder bags and purses, too.
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It's not Lands End or LL Bean, either; I've checked them both and it was a new to me site.
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Duluth Trading Company?
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YAY! I had the "D" right. :P Thank you! Now to ebay a bunch of the junk in my house to fund one if I really find a perfect purs-ish-not-ish bag there!
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You might also like the stuff at Duluth Pack.
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Right site, but bag? Seems to be gone or my tastes have change. I do appreciate the hookups, though - CATHEDRAL for $10!
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