Indestructible wallet
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Please help me find an indestructible wallet

I am tired of having to buy a new wallet every year. Please help me to find a wallet that is really indestructible. I would prefer a hard case wallet but this one got bad reviews and this one is far too expensive.

What I don't want:
- leather
- duct tape (i already had one.. it also only lasted one year)

What I need:
- space for cards, coins (!) and banknotes (Euro)
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You might want to go to Kevin Kelly's "Cool Tools" blog and do a search for wallet.

Here's one I found that is not leather, although I don't know if it has coin storage or not:

ALL-ETT Billfold
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Best answer: Dosh Wallets are well made and stylish. Here's a youtube video showing their "Tux" model being filled for use. It's hard to tell from images/video, but they're made of a tough matte-rubber, and can take a beating.
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Stingray skin wallets? Supposed to be ultra durable.
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I have been using the same simple hair elastic for over a year. Of course, your coins will be in your pocket but bills fold and slide in nicely.

It is very compact and easy to use - debit and credit cards go on the outside so it's quick to grab and pull out the required card.
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I used to go through a wallet every year. But now I have the bright green version of this Porter wallet (that site was the first hit on google), and I love it. It's been rattling around in the bottom of my bag for three years and, while the other stuff I carry in there is scratched and worn, the wallet looks brand new. I got a compliment about it just last week actually. The coin pocket on the side is really easy to use, the snap pocket makes carrying a bus or train ticket really easy, it looks great as well as being so sturdy, and overall I'm just really impressed with it.

I got mine in Tokyo and it wasn't cheap (although not desperately expensive given the state of the yen at the time), so I don't know how easy they are to get elsewhere. But if this wallet is anything like the brand in general I definitely recommend them.
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An example of a seatbelt wallet. (My only experience with seatbelt goods is a handbag/tote that's taken a real beating.)
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Duluth Trading has a selection of men's wallets. A few of them don't use leather, others are combinations of leather, canvas, or nylon. I can testify to the general indestructibility of Duluth Trading products.
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I just saw an indestructible wallet yesterday in Bed, Bath & Beyond. It was a hard case and I think it was also waterproof. I think it was $10 or so.
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Here's the wallet on their site: Aluma Wallet
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The reviews on that wallet look bad though. May not be a good choice -- sorry!
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I've had two Eagle Creek wallets, and the first one lasted me about 4 years before it gave up the ghost. The second one is a definite improvement on the first as they replaced the material that eventually gave way with something much stronger. No leather, tough materials, and a bunch of different styles.

This is the one I have. I don't like a change pocket (I think this is an American/European thing) but some of their models do have them.
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I have a freitag wallet that looks the same after 5 or so years. Awesome. I still get compliments.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your advice.. I guess I try my luck with the Dosh Wallet Classic
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Well, there's a site that's apparently selling kevlar wallets. These are made from kevlar sailcloth, so it's the stuff on sailboats, which should hint at its toughness.
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"Special Ops" wallet. Cheesy name, good product. I have one, and beat my stuff up good. 3yrs and unscratched.
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As much as I love the All-ett wallets, they aren't indestructible. My first one lasted several years, but they're just too thin to last a really long time.
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I have a Bill's Urban Wallet: He's kind of a crank, I hear (I got mine secondhand) but it works for me.
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