I hate autoplay videos. What extensions are best?
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I use Vivaldi (Chromium) for most of my browsing needs -- extensions from the Chrome Web Store. What extension is best* to prevent videos from automatically playing on page load? And are there sites or pages I can use to test these extensions?

By "best" I mean a mix of (a) it works, (b) it's relatively easy to say "go ahead and play the video anyway" by clicking a button, and (c) it's trustworthy as an extension that can see all my browsing data.

I already use UBlock Origin, but am relatively otherwise extension-free. I'd like to minimize the overall number of extensions I'm running, so if there's something that combines UBlock functionality with a video autoplay blocker, I'm interested. I've tried the "block large media elements" in UBlock but it doesn't seem to prevent autoplaying videos.

I think I've found this to test autoplay blockers, but I'm wondering if there are better options, or other methods to test them, in the event that I want to try out a few different extensions.
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