Youtube downloading in 2014
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Now that SPOI's Youtube Options has gone subscription-only, what options are there for downloading Youtube videos in Chrome or Firefox? seems to have finally bitten the dust, and the scripts it had were out of date.
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Complete Youtube Saver works in Firefox and SeaMonkey.
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Response by poster: That link should probably be this, the official Mozilla add-on page. That link was legit but full of fake "Download now!" ads.
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I use KeepVid for videos and Listen to YouTube for audio-only.
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The deturl bookmarklet works well for me on YouTube and for a wider range of video-streaming sites, Video DownloadHelper is also reliable.
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FWIW, is still accessible at But the admin has been criminally negligent of the site in recent years, so who knows how long that will work.
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For Chrome, try Chrome YouTube Downloader. Unfortunately installing it requires a bit of rigmarole, since Google refuses to allow YouTube download extensions in the official Chrome extension directory.
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youtube-dl is a python script. The author keeps it very up to date to respond to constantly morphing youtube protocols.
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anemone of the state, thank you. I did not know about the ads, as I don't see them. Thanks for posting the link to the add-on for Firefox (which is not my primary browser, so I did not have that link handy).
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dirpy for web-based solution. jdownloader for app-based.
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ViewTube for Greasemonkey on userscripts [accessible using port 8080 as Rhaomi pointed out]

Not only do you have a handy "Get" button to download the video, you also have a better HTML player and you can set your default video quality without Youtube changing it every single time. Oh also it buffers the whole video, unlike youtube's ridiculous buffering.

This is the only thing that has kept youtube usable on my crappy connection.
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I use the Firefox add-on called video download helper.
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BTW, if you're looking for a good replacement for Youtube Options, you might try Youtube Center. It's available as a user script and as an experimental addon for Firefox and Chrome. It adds a direct download menu as one of its features.

Also, you can still get to if you add :8080 to the domain, like I did in the link above.
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I\ll second youtube-dl. I call this script youtube-mp3 :
exec youtube-dl -x --audio-format=mp3 $*
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