Is there an easy way to present multiple clips from YouTube videos?
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I am an instructor and sometimes would like to play segment 1:15-2:25 from one YouTube video, followed by another segment from the same or another video, etc. Is there a site, tool, or incantation that lets me easily set this up so I'm not jumping around and switching tabs and clicking links during class time? I know how to create a URL that jumps right to the starting point of a clip but want to go a step or two beyond that. I didn't create/upload the videos, so I can't use YouTube's Video Editor.
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The way I do this is to just download the video clip (using something like Keepvid) and slice it up how I like.

Sorry, but I don't know how to do this via streaming.
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I second downloading the video and cutting it yourself. If you download the .flv file you can play it easily with VLC and set your playlist up in advance.

Another thing I found out when showing videos was that the projector had a freeze button. This meant I could keep the projector displaying notes while I switched to a video on the computer. Hit freeze again and it goes back to what is on the computer.

Maybe not what you're looking for, just the solutions I've worked out myself.
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Response by poster: Is there any software you recommend for slicing up FLV? I have access to Windows and Mac machines.
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I think adapter will do cropping. I haven't used that function but it is listed on the website.
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YouTube has a JavaScript API for controlling embedded videos. Maybe speak with someone in the CS department and have a student work with you for extra credit/as an independent study or project?
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Response by poster: jsturgill, I am in the CS department. :-) Thanks for letting me know about the API.
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Hah! What a thing. My thought when I read your question was that you must be doing some sort of film studies class, and were planning on using YouTube clips to demonstrate visual storytelling techniques or somesuch.
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Compendium has a feature called MovieMap that will let you annotate videos and link back and forth in time.
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nthing download the video. I use Downloadhelper, its an add-on for Firefox. From there its just playing them on something like VLC.
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As far as cutting the FLVs, I convert them with Handbrake and then I edit with iMovie.
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