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I need a good software tool to organize all my trips to conventions.

I'm taking my game to lots of sci-fi and gaming conventions this year. I did so last year, but I tried to organize it all on one spreadsheet, and I wasn't satisfied with the result.

Who's my contact and what's her phone number?
When do I need to remember to buy plane tickets and hotel rooms?
What did I say I would bring?
Where are all my receipts for this trip?
How much product did I sell?
Where are the business cards I collected?

I would love to find that there's a great software tool or website that lets me answer these questions easily.
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I don't have a specific recommendation, but it sounds like a job for some sort of CRM software.
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Yeah this is what CRM was meant to do.

I recommend Highrise (37 Signals)
if you need power SalesForce is the biggest game in town.

Some of these feature a bit of a learning curve, but you will love it once you
get used to it.
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Response by poster: Wow, CRM sounds like shooting an ant with a cannon. I was hoping somebody knew of a website organizer that let you organize your information into jobs or tasks, let you attach emails to tasks, and let tasks send you reminders.

Isn't CRM much more about tracking customer phone calls and emails?
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Response by poster: Although, your suggestion of Highrise led me to Backpack, which LOOKS like just what I was looking for. $25/month, but is there anything better or cheaper?
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Lower fi: Google Docs...

mail: folders/tag with event names
calendar: events, put relevant info in the multi-day entries, set reminders to do stuff from there.
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you can check out Producteev
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