Chrome won't stream videos
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As of 10 p.m. yesterday, I could watch videos on Hulu. As of noon today, I couldn't watch videos on any streaming site - at least, not in Chrome. Long details of what I've tried to remedy the situation are below the jump, but really long story short, how do I fix it when I've exhausted just about all the solutions?

The error messages have all indicated a computer problem, something blocking video streaming, so that was my first line of attack. in that vein, I tried the following:
* Power cycling my laptop.
* Updating Windows 10
* Reinstalling video drivers
* Power cycling the modem and wifi router simultaneously with my laptop
* Virus scan of both computer and browser
* Malware scan of same

Then I hit the browser:
* Made sure it was up to date (Chrome version 75.0.3770.142)
* Cleared cache, cookies, and history, then cycled the browser
* Disabled extensions one by one, cycling the browser after each one
* Toggled hardware acceleration on and off again, cycling the browser after each switch
* Toggled the Flash Ask First setting, cycling the browser after each switch

I was about to try going into safe mode then doing a selective startup when it occurred to me that it might not be a computer issue, but rather actually "only" a browser issue. So I opened Edge. And I could stream videos. Which is great... except I hate Edge and don't want to use it. Plus, I want to fix my poor, broken Chrome.

I've pored over Google. My caregiver has pored over Google. I've gone through all the settings in Chrome a dozen times. The only options left I can come up with are to uninstall and reinstall Chrome, or to reset Chrome. I'm concerned about all the settings and saved passwords and such that I;m assuming I'd lose if I take one of those routes.

Do you have another idea? Or have you uninstalled/reinstalled or reset and can allay my fears? Help?
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if you are logged in to chrome and syncing your passwords then you can uninstall your browser and reinstall it and the password (and extensions and other sync items IIRC) should come right back. have you tried Chrome in Incognito mode to test?
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The error messages have all indicated a computer problem

What exactly did these error messages say? That might help narrow down the source of the problem.
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Response by poster: Hulu error code - RUNUNK13
Netflix error code - M7361-1254
YouTube "An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: le1arOKJGN-YWK1F)"

Nobody else in the house is having any issues. Nobody else on the Hulu and Netflix subscriptions is having any issues. Edge isn't having any issues.
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Response by poster: Forgot - Hulu and YouTube work fine in Incognito mode. Netflix bitches that I'm in an incognito browser and to go back to a normal browser.
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Best answer: The fact that it's working in incognito really makes me suspect an extension (or a conflict between extensions) might be the culprit. You said you tried disabling them one by one, but did you try disabling all of them and seeing if it works then?

I would: Disable all extensions. Clear cache & cookies. Restart chrome. If streaming now works, you could try re-enabling your extensions one by one and see if/when the issue pops up again.

If it still doesn't work, you should be able to uninstall and reinstall Chrome without losing data, as long as you have it synced to a google account.
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Response by poster: Success! Upon further investigation of my extensions, and following gennessee's advice, I can stream again. Turned out, I had competing extensions for using Google Docs offline. I deleted the older one, and all is well again. Thank you all!!
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