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Any recommendations for a pop-up blocker for Chrome and/or Firefox?

For ages I've been using Ghostery as an ad/tracking blocker (most likely via recommendation here), supplemented by a separate pop-up blocker that -- some time in the past month -- was delisted by Google for breaking guidelines.

I'm open to swapping out Ghostery for something else that'll do it all in one. What would you recommend?
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I'll be interested to see what others say, but I use UBlock Origin in Firefox and Brave (instead of Chrome) because it seems to do a good job of blocking ads by default.
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Seconding UBlock Origin. It's great in Chrome.
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Thirding UBlock Origin. I'm using it with Firefox, not so much because I prefer it, but because I want less Google in my life.
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Response by poster: Ah, that's the one whose name I somehow couldn't conjure in my search results. Thanks!

One more thing: I'd meant to write that I'd "also" be interested in something that'll do it all in one, but that I'd firstmost be interested in any supplemental pop-up blocking-only solutions.

Do any trustworthy standalone extensions exist? (Especially after getting burned by the one I'd been using for years, everything that showed up in search results was looking awfully sketchy.)
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UBlock Origin is great! Especially in mobile Firefox on a crappy phone
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I'm in the UBlock Origin choir, somewhere in the back.

For Firefox I also use the NoScript addon which gives granular control over the sometimes grotesquely amusing number of javascript and such sites run--goes beyond just pop-up blocking, of course, to target some of the third-party user tracking going on in the modern web. The user-downside is that it's a more hands-on thing than UBlock Origin.
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