Firefox tab organiser plugin recommendations ?
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I used to have a very useful Firefox plugin which would allow me to manage my numerous tabs. I lost it during a machine crisis and I'm looking for a replacement.

From memory the feature set included : Delete all tabs with the same domain as this one; rearrange all tabs with the same domain as this one so they are next to each other; lots of other stuff I didn't use much.

There seem to a lot of plugins in this space so I'm looking for "I've used it, I like it" type recommendations.

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FWIW, I use Tree Style Tab. It is hierarchical which I find to be a more natural way of working with tabs. I mention it only in case nobody else responds.
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Best answer: Thanks forthright that looks interesting in its own right but as you suggest it wasn't the one I had in mind.

The good news is that I've found it myself ! It's even better than I remembered (even though my recollection had added some features to it which it doesn't actually have). It's called "Multiple Tab Handler" (

If you're interested to try it (and you don't speak Japanese) don't be put off by the screen shots which show the menus etc operating in Japanese. It works just fine in, at least, English and I'm guessing other languages.

I highly recommend it - it's great for clearing up after an extended surfing session.
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