Can I do MoCA over Wifi?
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I have fiber cable/Internet that allows me to do connect my setup devices over Ethernet or Coax. This is great, now I want to connect my set top boxes over wifi using their Ethernet port, is this possible? I have a fast wireless AC router... if I bought a wireless to wire AC bridge, would this work? At least in theory? I would think at the physical layer there's no detection possible of what is wireless and what isn't, but this is beyond my knowledge.
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Sure, that's basically the whole point of a wireless bridge. Your wired device thinks it's connected to a wired network.
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Response by poster: Any idea on how to measure the bandwidth actually used? I don't want to buy an AC wireless bridge if I'm using less than 100mbps.
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What are you doing with it? I've never actually done anything on my home network that could saturate wireless n. Even streaming 1080p video with 48khz audio rarely hits 50mbps streaming to my ps3.

Realistically though, go buy an N Bridge at a big box store. Doesn't work/too little bandwidth? Return it.
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How to measure the bandwidth used would depend upon your current equipment. One thing to try would be to order an 802.11n bridge from a place with a good return policy, and return/exchange it for an .ac bridge if and only if the .11n setup was insufficient.
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MoCA carries ethernet over the same cable as QAM, which is your actual cable TV signal. It doesn't carry QAM over ethernet, so you still need the cable box to be connected to the actual cable if you want cable TV.

I use MoCA to distribute ethernet from my office to my living room, which saved me from running ethernet through my loft. Does mean my wifi goes down when TiVo reboots though.
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Response by poster: My provider is Ethernet from the cable box, coax is completely optional. I'll know tomorrow!
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