help me "subscribe" to websites that do not use RSS with Firefox.
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help me "subscribe" to websites that do not use RSS with Firefox.

I remember in the days of IE 5 on the mac there was a feature to "subscribe" to a website. This method did not use RSS. I think it simply checked for a change in the html of the page every N minutes. I use a lot of websites that do not utilize rss and I hate having to go through my bookmarks one by one to see if anything has been updated. Is there a plugin that emulates the IE 5 functionality? Ideally in the native Firefox bookmark menu.
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This is not exactly the answer you're looking for, but I've used to create rss feeds for websites that don't have their own. It works great - although the paid version ($30/year) is more reliable than the free version (which tended to time out often).
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Also, Ponyfish.
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Here are a few screen scraping tools that will generate RSS and may help:
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I believe Ryan North's RSSpect works along these lines.
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I second feed43 like weary says. I use it for all the non-rssified sites on my watch list, and it works great.
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Best answer: Update Scanner, perhaps?
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