Please help me find a replacement for my favorite nightgown.
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A few years ago I bought a robe that has turned out to be the perfect nightgown. The same garment is no longer available and rather extensive searching has not turned up a similar-enough replacement. Hive mind, I'd appreciate your help!

The garment in question is this knit cotton button front robe. The features I absolutely love are the lightweight cotton knit, V neck, roomy cut, wide 3/4 length sleeves, and length just below the knee.

There are a zillion knit nightgowns and house dresses in the world, but I just can't seem to find something that's got that combo. I'd be fine with a nightgown (no closure) but not a zipper. Pockets are ok but not a must-have.

The combo of the sleeves and the fabric seem to be the tricky design element--I don't want short or full length sleeves, and it's hard to find big wide sleeves at that length, particularly in a cotton knit (not a rayon or polyester kimono/caftan type garment.)

Finally, I'm size 18-20 US which puts me right on the edge of availability in straight sizes.

I'd appreciate any pointers!
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The vibe of this is different, but it's 100% cotton knit, sleeves are 3/4 length and wide (though not as wide as the Eileen Fisher robe you linked), and it comes in sizes up to 4X. Neckline is wide but not technically a v neck, and it's a bit longer than you specified. Lanz is a brand that I've seen recommended by MeFites in response to other nightgown questions.
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One option
I'd also try jcrew and JJill.
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On Zappos, I am seeing some "maxi sleepshirt" items by Donna Karen that have 3/4 sleeves and V-necks and calf-length. A few come up as "sleep lounger".
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Have you looked at used Eileen Fisher options on Threadup, poshmark, or on the Eileen Fisher Renew website? I did a cursory search, and there were lots of pieces that have the same styling, if you don't mind second hand clothing.
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If you still have the old nightgown, this seems to be a semi-simple design. So maybe seek out a seamstress in the area and see about having them make 1 or 2 new pieces for you based on your old piece. It won't be fast-fashion cheap, but might be worth it to get exactly what you want.
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Close, but without the v-neck and cheap enough to take a punt on to see if it suits.
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This Cocoon T-Shirt Dress in stretch jersey has sleeves that look close to what you're looking for, it's a cotton/modal blend, and has a good range of sizes but it doesn't have a v-neck.
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2nding the seamstress idea, maybe look through sewing patterns (usually available at fabric stores) for something right, then work with a seamstress
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions! Lots of good leads and new, helpful keywords for searching.
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