Perfect Robe - UK Edition
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On a recent trip to the USA, I experienced the best robe ever at a day spa: a Robeworks Classic. Help me find this or an equivalent in the UK?

Things that make the Robeworks robe awesome:
- Softness
- Heavyweight feel, but not overly heavy
- Pockets
- Lined with towelling, but with an outer of nice fabric
- Fabric in block colours, no prints
- Felt very "adult" and elegant - the lining was not just towelling, but some kind of microfibre I think (?) and the fabric was NOT fleece, terry-cloth, waffle cotton or similar
- Available with hood and shorter length - these are "nice to have" but not essential

I tried to buy the Robeworks robe at the spa I visited, but they had none in stock, and will not be stocking any for customer purchase in future.
I emailed Robeworks, and they will ship to the UK - but for ~ $70 per robe, which is ~2/3 the purchase price.

I have become infatuated with this robe. Please help me get one in the UK - or suggest a similarly awesome robe available in the UK as standard. Thank you!
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The Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon has lovely robes that they sell to guests. There’s an Ace in London in.. Shoreditch, I believe? Might be worth looking into if you like their robes and if they sell them!
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I'm confused -- Robeworks changes the description of its classic "Essential Luxury Spa Bathrobe" depending on the robe's color. For instance, white has "white outer shell with pure white terry cloth lining;" cobalt has a "microfiber outer shell with accents of pure white terry cloth lining;" while chocolate and parchment is described as "sleek chocolate brown outer shell with parchment cotton terry cloth lining."

On the website, the robe's lining is a terry cloth, which you did not experience. What color was your robe at the spa?
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The spa's robe was a pale beige / oatmeal, with white lining. From the website, it was likely the
"PARCHMENT & PARCHMENT BATHROBE" (Essential Luxury Spa Robe). However, the colour to me looked more like this one - the "[hooded] STONE & WHITE BATHROBE", but the spa one I wore definitely did not have a hood!

The main thing about the inner lining was it was some sort of towelling, but fine grain and super soft - nothing like terry-cloth robe material I've ever encountered before, which typically feels more rough and utilitarian somehow. But I'm totally willing to accept that my terry-cloth encounters are probably few and far between - and maybe you can get soft, fine-grained terry-cloth?
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Smooth outer, thinner toweling lining, shawl collar, knee-length: Jersey Double Faced Robe at The White Company.
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Get a weight for the robe and see how much it would be with a US re-shipper.
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TK Maxx has great bathrobes, including this one. But because they have quick stock turnover and no set brands, you have to take pot luck as to what will be in stock when you visit. But my best nightwear has come from TK Maxx.
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Or what about this one?
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