Help me find a great robe for around the hot tub
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We now have a spa in our backyard, and we really love it. While it works perfectly fine to wrap a towel around my body between shower & hot tub, I'd prefer a robe. Can you recommend one?

My ideal robe would be a thin terry cloth cotton, calf-length. I do NOT want knee length or shorter. I used to have a fantastic robe that was thick terry cloth, but it was uncomfortably heavy. I'd love it to have more the feeling of an old towel than a thick, cushy new one. Waffle weave would probably be fine. I don't have a color preference except that I don't really like pastels.

For bonus points, I'd like to find some inexpensive enough that I could have a couple around for when friends come over to hang out in the hot tub. Those could be different from mine.
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I got some waffle-cotton robes with monograms from Robemart and they were quite nice. They have a bunch of types to choose from. Their light waffle cotton robes are really inexpensive, they're easy to wash and would be good for guests. They seem to have a couple different grades of terrycloth robes.
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This is a lightweight terrycloth robe that I got for my mom. She loves it.
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These robes from IKEA might fit the bill: a thinner, lighter terry cloth, knee- or below-length (guess it depends how tall you are?), easy to wash, and only $24.99 each. We have a couple and are quite pleased with them! They are thick enough to feel snuggly but not so heavy like some terrycloth robes you've described.
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I have a peshtemal (Turkish hammam towel) robe that I love. It's much lighter than terry cloth, but still warm enough and super-absorbent. Also dries incredibly quickly, and seems to get softer when I wash it.
I got mine on Amazon - this is not the exact one I have, but it's similar.
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I've had this waffle cotton robe in linen color from Amazon for five years and I love it. I just use it when showering, so I don't really lounge around in it. I wouldn't call it "old towel soft" but it's roomy and comfortable without feeling heavy.

Lots of colors available. The title says "women's" but they are unisex and there is a size chart in the description.
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I have this one from Amazon, after years of searching for a soft, lightweight, absorbent robe that felt like I was at the spa. It is absolutely perfect, dries quick, and still looks new after a year of daily use and frequent washing.
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