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I'd like to join a text-based RPG MUD.

Can anyone give me recommendations for some MUDs I should look into?

I loved the magic-and-questing group RPG dynamics of World of Warcraft, but now I'd like to try something text-based. I would be a complete beginner - I have no experience with MUDs, aside from studying them in a Technology & Society class in college.

Advice, links, specific MUDs I might enjoy?
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Nanvaent was pretty popular back when I was MUDing; I was heavily into Cheeseworld (to the detriment of my university studies, I fear!) but alas! It's not around any more...

You should be able to use a web (java) telnet app. to log in - there's usually a link from the main page.
You'll usually be able to get a temporary guest account to have a wander around - look at everything, try different things, talk to people, have fun... the level of detail that the coders put into these places is phenomenal!
Once you've done that, you'll probably want a proper telnet (or MUD) client application, as they generally offer much better displays and configuration options...

Also, it looks like you're in the US, so maybe something with a local timezone would better for you (although saying that, I'm not entirely sure *where* Nanvaent is hosted - I thought it was in Scotland, but can't check at the moment...)
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Coming in as a beginner to mud playing- I would definitely point you to Aardwolf. It makes for a very painless start - and is alot of fun. Plus, it's been around forever - so expect a large player population and a rich assortment of environments.

Also - get a good mud client (for linux I can reccomend kmud). They are a must have for the "full experience".

Have fun!
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I know people who have been playing Dragonrealms for ten years. It's one where you have to pay, but you get the first month free. If you run into Yamcer, tell him I sent you.
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You should join Tapestries!
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http://www.mudconnector.com has listings of MUDs, searchable by particular criteria (type of MUD, newbie-friendly, player-killing allowed, particular genres, etc) and with reviews by players. That might be useful. It also has some general resources about MUDding.

http://www.mudmagic.com/ also has listings and reviews - not sure how many general listings are up, but the review feature is helpful.

You will probably be somewhat familiar with history and growth of MUDs from your Tech and Society course, but the Wikipedia entry on MUDs has some good links to other resources all in one place even if the content itself isn't what you need.
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I'd highly recommend Arythia. Very heavy on RP, very friendly, not very crowded. I play there occasionally still (usually as Wyrd).

If you are just starting out, it can be easier to stick with one mudlib type, so the commands are similar. And it is polite to delete your character if you decide you don't wish to go back.
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I'll second the Nanvaent recommendation - played it for a few months in college, turned my roommate onto it as well. A good place to get your feet wet.
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I think you should ask this poster. Maybe you can take over the son's account. You'll have your fun RPGing and maybe he'll get his homework done. Two birds, one stone. What problem-solving! incessant does it again.
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I spent some amount of time on Materia Magica, a US-based MUD that's been around for a decade or so. It's pretty novice-friendly, rather huge, and one of the most popular games around, as far as I know. It's not especially RPy, although you can find people to do it with if you want; it's about the same level as your average WoW server. Most of all, it's fun. There's a java client you can run from the front page, but beyond that, there's Mushclient, which I'd recommend for any MUDding you do.
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I don't have any specific recommendations but way back when I was playing, I remember being very frustrated with any MUD that didn't have auto-corpse retrieval and/or allowed others to loot your corpse. It was enough to make me quit at least one MUD when I realized I would have to go gather all my hard won loot again after dying. YMMV.
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I really, really enjoyed Achaea. I won't try to sell it - there's more than enough on the website.

{tries to figure out how to telnet from behind firewall}
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I played Threshold for some time back in high school. It had a deep population, beautiful text descriptions, and a fascinating world.

Part of the credit was due to its very strict in-character rules. Everything in the game was done in-character. Acting out-of-character within the game was strictly forbidden and resulted in punishment. It made the world that much more complete and intense.

It also made it ridiculously addictive. It was free to play up to a certain level (which would last you for many months), but I had friends who dropped hundreds of dollars into the game.

So, in summary: beautiful, breathtaking, seriously addictive.

Apologies for all the past tense: I haven't played since quitting cold turkey in 1998, so I can't speak for the present-day incarnation of the game.
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You should head over and check out the Realms of Despair. I've played there for years and it has great, friendly, core users. You can usually find an average of around 500 people on at once.
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