Concert films help please!
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Movies wanted to show before gigs.

I help run a club night, which puts on bands and DJ's, mainly noisy and odd stuff. What we have decided to do is to show movies before the night gets started, and I was opening up the offer to Metafilter to help choose the films.

What we are looking for are films with a vague musical theme, or other weird and wonderful oddities that would go down well with our crowd.

Here are my few but the more the merrier:
The Filth And The Fury
Scratch(Hip Hop Documentary)
Harder They Come
Dance Craze
Lenigrad Cowboys Go America
Wave Twisters

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What about Microcosmos? It's just super close up bugs walking around. Might creep some people out, or look cool with loud music.
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East Side Story
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Rock 'n Roll High School
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Oh yeah I've still not seen that, but thats more of a back drop type of thing. We are after films to show to people before the music gets going.
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djstig, you're talking about Microcosmos, and not the other suggestions, right?
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Yes amro I was, stupid slow fingers
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My friend's synthpop group would open shows with Star Crash.
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Not always necessarily music related, but "how-to" movies are always fun and often strange - a search for "how to" at works pretty well.
(How to survive a zombie epidemic!)
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1991: The Year that Punk Broke. Lots of prime footage from Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., The Ramones and yes, Nirvana.
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West Way to the World
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A Great Day in Turntablism
D-Styles: A Night at the Knitting Factory
Wild Style
Krush Groove
Who's the Man?
The Show
Rhyme and Reason
Streets is Watching
Fade to Black
Some Kind of Monster
Our Latin Thing
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I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
The Last Waltz
Don't Look Back
This is Spinal Tap
Fear of a Black Hat
Music is the Weapon
Scratch: All the Way Live
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Gimme Shelter
Rock 'n' Roll Circus
Cocksucker Blues
Decline of Western Civilization, pts 1 and 2
Heavy Metal Parking Lot
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Fugazi's Instrument would be a good choice, too. Or Lightning Bolt's The Power of Salad.
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Be all post-ironic and show Groove.
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Heavy Metal

Less Music relate but cool
Blues Brothers

Not really music related at all, but great imagery
Blade Runner
Ghost in the Shell
Vampire Hunter D

And just because it's something i would get a kick out of seeing
March of the Penguins
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Also, if you want to go for a sort-of off kilter feel, consider obtaining some old cold war era Civil Defense videos. Maybe cut together with riot footage and video of kittens playing.

Because it's the kind of thing you would see in old industrial videos. (well, maybe not the kittens playing, but that would be a great/ odd addition.)
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Downtown 81
Lost & Found Video Night Vol. 4: The All Music Edition has some amazing performances.
Breakdance Mania!
The Birth of Electronic Music
Soundtrack to Hell
Satan rir media

My 2 cents - Unless you're doing presentations, people generally don't pay attention to movies in clubs. If I wanted to watch a documentary, I'd be at home. I'd just try and stick to showing concert footage. You can get live concerts on DVD of just about any band that ever existed. But you know this. Just a suggestion, of course.
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TMBG do something similar between their opening act and when they actually take the stage. Usually it's out of copyright stuff: mostly cartoons, b-grade scifi, and educational films.
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This is definitely a job for the Prelinger Archives.
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I went to a CD launch party for the band Tripping Daisy once, and they played The Powers of Ten beforehand, which was awesome. It's a short, though.
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If you want to go retro, both Breakin' and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo are hard to beat. Lots of break dance "fighting", cheesy lines and appearances by Ice-T.
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The Forbidden Zone
Liquid Sky
Cool As Ice
Sayadian's Dr. Caligari
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Urgh! A Music War
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Anything reissued by Something Weird Video.
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Since you already have Scratch on the list, I would totally recommend Style Wars as well. About grafitti mainly, but also more generally about hip-hop culture circa 1982.
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Trust me, Liquid Sky would be the best choice you could go with though it might make more sense just viewed in chunks.
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I'll put in for Style Wars too.

Okie Noodling
A documentary on the fine art of catching fish with your bare hands, soundtracked by the Flaming Lips.

Off The Charts
Another documentary, this one about the people who write and the people who record American Song Poems.

The Directors Label music video compilations
I'll vouch for the Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry collections.

Revenge of the Robots
A tour documentary from hip-hop label DefinitiveJux. (RJD2, El-P, Mr. Lif, etc.)
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A few more suggestions:
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