Fun, choose your own adventure games?
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Inspired by this post, what are some fun, online, choose-your-own-adventure games similar to this or this?
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Somewhat similar are the gamebooks at FFProject.
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Jay is Games is the place to look. This search brings up a list of dozens of choose-your-own-adventure games, complete with reviews, ratings, and walkthroughs.
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Somewhat closely related -- though it might just be for me because I think of them hand in hand because I used to read the published Zork choose-your-own-adventure books -- you can find lots of fun interactive fiction at the Interactive Fiction Database.

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You'll love Project Aon. They're digitizing the old Joe Dever Lone Wolf books so you can play them online. It's like a cross between CYOA and D&D. Give it a go!
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This isn't online as such, but's it's free and takes the fabled lands gamebooks and makes 'em into a downloadable game.

Also, ditto ffproject, although they can be pretty hit or miss.
Bodies in the Docks is cthulhu flavored awesome.
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I've heard good things about Slouching Towards Bedlam.
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