What MUD did I play on back in 98?
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Here's a long shot. In the late 90s I played on a telnet MUD in Seattle with a lot of high school friends. I've spent the last, oh, five years passively looking for it. If you have any clue or your name is Chris Rolph, help me out!

It was fantasy MUD, with the central town, Midgaard, and donation pit just north and east of there. The hardest enemies in the game you could kill were the Chameleon King and Queen. Most uniquely, some ways north of town there was a complete reconstruction of my high school, Garfield, filled with teachers, students, and accurate descriptions of many of the rooms, which had been created by my friend Chris, a god (Remus) in the game. It was extremely large and pretty well populated, with a few people on most hours.

I've checked out MUD listings but can't seem to find it. I can't remember the name or where it was hosted. I'm hoping that someone, somewhere, recognizes it.
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Elite MUD?

You are in the southern end of the temple hall in the Temple of Midgaard. The temple has been constructed from giant marble blocks, eternal in appearance, and most of the walls are covered by ancient wall paintings picturing Gods, Giants and peasants. Large steps lead down through the grand temple gate, descending the huge mound upon which the temple is built and ends on the temple square below. To the west, you see the Reading Room. The donation room is in a small alcove to your east.

This was the second google result for "Midgaard MUD".
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Midgaard is a standard starting point in many Diku MUDs. Try searching around on The MUD Connector a little bit.
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This was the second google result for "Midgaard MUD".

Dude, Midgaard is an extremely played out map used by thousands of servers.

Anyway, I don't recognize the customizations. But I really miss my old circlemud, so i feel for you.
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Response by poster: I checked around on MUD Connector, but I thought my MUD was Mythran. It could have been Diku, though, so I'll widen my search parameters. I'll try to think of some more identifying features..
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well technically Mythran is a diku derivative, although i'm not sure how they are listed in the mud connector. i think your best bet - in terms of googling for an answer - is to try to search with old email addresses, or character names that might have been referred to in a separate mailing list, irc room or usenet. it's next to impossible to pull up hits based on specific map content.
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I thought my MUD was Mythran.

Mythran derives from diku by diku->merc->envy->mythran, so there could well be a midgaard map on it.
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