Custom peel-and-stick vinyl borders?
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I’m redecorating my home office and I would like to get a striped vinyl peel-and-stick room border in the colors of the Caldor rainbow. Nothing like this seems to exist, and I’d like to get one custom made. Is there a way to get a custom peel-and-stick room border made?
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Best answer: Just tapping in some custom dimensions on this site , 24’ long by 6” tall seems like you could do it. You’d have to upload artwork, but three horizontal stripes is easy. That’s roughly long enough for two walls?
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Best answer: If you literally just want 3 plain stripes and have a steady hand and an Xacto knife, you could try to match the colors and get removable vinyl by the roll from scrapbooking/signmaking suppliers or Amazon.
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Best answer: If you do a custom order, be extra careful about the actual colors represented/printed. If you can find Pantone numbers for the colors you're doing, great, or maybe talk to someone and mail them an example on paper that you know is right. The colors you see on the screen not may, but WILL not match the colors they see/print -- unless you've done some fancy color calibration on your computer.

Browns and yellow/golds are especially hard on screens, it seems.
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Best answer: Tap Plastics?
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