in the market for a deep-seated couch
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Do you have a couch you love where the seats are deep enough to comfortably nap on? Tell me about it!

That's about it - I'm in the market for a couch available in the United States with deeper-than-usual seats. Bonus points if it has washable slipcovers and is under $3K. Thank you!
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I have one from Ikea that I'd swear is nearly the depth of a twin bed. 100% washable too. Unfortunately, it seems to no longer be available, but it looks quite a lot like the Vimle.
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This Pottery Barn couch (we have the "Grand Sofa" version) is so deep that two of my friends have slept comfortably on it together overnight. I'm almost six feet tall and if I sit fully back on it it hits at least 1/4 of the way down my calf. If you happen to live near a PB outlet, we got it for something like $1600.
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I have this couch and matching loveseat and I'm convinced it's the greatest piece of furniture ever.

Found the set in the clearance center of a furniture store in Wisconsin (they look to be mainly an East Coast store).

I'm 6'6" and it fits me perfectly.
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Joybird's Korver sofa is deep, long (I am 6'0) and much more comfortable than it looks. I have taken many wonderful naps on it. It is definitely nap tested.
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OMG I love my couch from Room & Board so much. It's the Orson. I have slept—extremely comfortably—on it many, many a time.
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I love my spooning-width Timber sofa from Article.
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The Crate & Barrel Petrie sleeps nicely, especially with the back cushions removed, and is long enough to accommodate 6'+.
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Best answer: The Ikea Soderhamn is about the same size as a twin bed, and is very very comfortable to nap on. The back cushions come right off, and then it makes a perfectly acceptable guest bed for one. It's also modular, so you can create a sectional or chaise if desired.

Best of all (for my life at least), is that it has completely removable washable covers, and the Samsta dark grey cover (a navy/charcoal shade) is made of a microfibre cotton that feels nice, washes beautifully, resists stains shockingly well, is quite impervious to cat claws, and best best best: pet hair doesn't stick to it!!! (Sadly the Finnsta covers- turquoise or white- are made of a different, more coarsely woven fabric that lacks these qualities).
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Yes! Check out LoveSac sectionals. The seats can be rotated to be extra-deep. We have 4 seats and 5 sides, configured so the two end seats are extra-deep, and the middle is two seats turned the normal way. It is nap-friendly an even all-night-sleep friendly.

Though make sure you are getting a washable slipcover as not all of their fabrics are washer-friendly. We have the velvety microfiber and a friend with four cats has vouched for washability of this option.
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You can get something pretty damn nice for the price you've listed. I bought a sofa from Perch Furniture, which is a small furniture store in Portland. They have several styles, but everything is built to order. I got a couch based on their Hoyt 3-cushion design. They helped to design the sofa to my specs: 96" long, 40" deep, with upgraded padding and fabric. With delivery and customizations, my total was under $2300, and I have the most comfortable couch ever.
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We are currently considering the Lounge II from crate and barrel which is like a double-wide sofa.
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We have this leather power reclining sofa. At first I thought the fold-down drink holder console in the middle was tacky but my tween talked us into it and I must say that falling asleep in it fully reclined with a beverage at your side is one of the finest experiences a human being can have. I know you specified deep seats for napping but a lot of the reclining furniture out there reclines really far so it might be worth considering. We chose this sofa because with the console folded up the seats are flat enough to nap on but no one has done that yet - sleeping on it reclined is that good.
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I have an EKEBOL from Ikea. I'm 5'7" and my feet never touch the floor. I also routinely nap on it. It does not come with slipcovers which sucks because the fabric is light, but I am old school and just cover it with sheets, blankets, and whatever random projects I'm working on.
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Seconding the Crate and Barrel Lounge II. We have a chair and a half that we love so we got the Lounge II sofa and it’s become a Problem lately because I have started to just melt into the couch after work. But otherwise, it’s been great.
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Response by poster: Update! I went with the Ikea Soderhamn and I really like it. It's deep, it's much more comfortable than the minimal design might suggest, and I love all the modular options - I can easily see myself expanding the chaise/two-seater combo I got into a sectional when my other couch gives out.

About a week after I got it my cat vomited all over it so I can report that the cushion covers are indeed easily removable and machine washable.

Thank you so much for all of your suggestions; there are some great options here!
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