In need of home decor inspiration and guidance
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I'm looking for blogs, Youtube channels, Instagram, any other media that shares home decor inspiration, how-tos, DIY, where-to-buy, how-to-shop-for, and any other advice. Bonus points for affordable, massive bonus points for Canadian.

The vague ideal I have in my head is clean and modern but with soft lines and lots of cozy texture and houseplants. I'm trying to figure out where to shop, where to get inspiration for how to put it all together, and how to do it without having to sell my organs. Please no lofty aspirational design magazines with twelve thousand dollar sofas in 6000 square foot homes that I could never afford any semblance of.
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There’s a website and app called Houzz which is kind of a cross between Pinterest, a blog and a directory of professionals. Basically it’s full of inspirational pics of every style of architecture and interior design where you can save images that you like. It’s location based so you can also find builders and other trades in your area to help you achieve that look. Very helpful indeed.
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For inspiration, I'd recommend Apartment Therapy, which has so many ideas in many different styles on how to decorate and style smaller spaces.
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I've really been enjoying the AmateurRoomPorn subreddit. It's all real people's homes, and I see a lot of clean/modern/cozy rooms there.
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I’m more familiar with the DIY end of things, but The Sorry Girls and DIY Danie are both Canadian Youtube channels and I think they have he vibe you’re looking for.
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You might also like Remodelista.
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You might like Young House Love, which is more transitional/modern farmhouse than modern in its design sensibilities but they use affordable (including mass market) products and have how-tos for a range of topics.
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For inspiration I like to follow Remodelista, and then identify what i like about various rooms (they do have the aspirational design magazine vibe, but also highlight Ikea and budget and DIY options often).

For actual furniture that also ships to Canada, I've found EQ3 (a canadian eco friendly company) to hit a lot of what you just mentioned. They aren't cheap, but I've found the stuff I've gotten from there to be very well made. Article is also pretty solid quality (I was wary of the online only model, but both the bed my brother got, and the ottoman I have are really good quality as well).

For odds and ends; if you like more of a boho vibe with free shipping in Canada, Urban Outfitters has a surprisingly robust apartment friendly section, if questionable/appropriative ethical practices otherwise. For organization in a small apartment, I prefer muji, which again has locations throughout Canada.
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Apartment Therapy
curbly - I've found a few good DIY
designsponge - Its no longer being updated but the website is still up to look through.
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I used Maria Killam’s color advice a lot when we remodeled-she’s near Vancouver, I believe. I like a lot about her style-clean with great color.
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Two home blogs that I follow have similar aesthetics:

Jenna Sue has remodeled a few homes and has lists of sources. Her homes are semi-large, and some pieces are expensive, but she also DIYs a lot of things and the amount she does is quite inspiring. (I think many of her rooms are a little too white/beige, but that's just my preference.)

For pure inspiration, I have just started re-following Emily Henderson. I'm not 100% sure how affordable her stuff is, but her style is modern but comfortable. She just bought a new house (near Portland!), so I'm eager to see how it progresses.
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The Get Hands Dirty channel has does a lot of furniture DIY. Early videos show the DIY process done in a modest size apartment or apartment patio. No fancy wood shop shop here! Did I mention that the host is not the stereotypical woodworker? She is entertaining, youngish, city dwelling, and based in Portugal.
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One of the people behind lives in Ottawa. In general, the authors post their design inspirations, but here's a direct link to Kim's posts about her house and various DIY projects.
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