Website: Helicopter videos of Spanish Coast (& Med) with map overlays?
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Hi! About a year ago I ran across a website that had footage taken from a helicopter for the entire Spanish Coast (and most of the European-side of Mediterranean). Think of it as Google Street Maps for the coast but from a helicopter. Can't find it again!

It had interactive map overlays and I believe the site was designed specifically for hotels. In the video a given hotel would pop up on the map and in the video and you could click on it. It was amazing. You could just leave the page open and traverse the coast (in only one direction). At the time I remember thinking, hmmm, that URL is random, I'll never remember

Now I can't find it. Everything I Google/DuckDuck sends me to helicopter tours etc. My -fu is letting me down....anyone?

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Best answer: Is it this?
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Response by poster: That's it...thank you.
posted by wogbat at 1:07 PM on May 7, 2021

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