I want to get out of here!
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1. I want to travel - where should I go? 2. is there a website where you can enter your starting point and/or dates of travel and get prices to multiple destinations?

I don't want to enter every airport code on earth seperately, I want to find out how much it costs to go to a ton of different places all at in one search.
And hell, where should we go and why? From Seattle usa to anywhere...it will be an adult straight married couple travelling with a toddler (you hate us already) and we are game for anything. We don't want to do tours of museums or kid things in other cities, we want to take a three week trip and have a wonderful new exciting time without touristy crap. We aren't into super cold places but we don't really care if it's sunny and hot either, and we aren't resort types. So the arctic and cabo are equally crossed off our list, but anything from greece and turkey to peru to vietnam or thailand or croatia or.....
The travel would preferably be in the slightly off season for the place and we would be living light wherever we go. And we can't travel for 6 months or so.
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Kayak.com will show you the best deals to the top 25 destinations.
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Travelocity's Dream Maps does that.
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Kayak, my personal favorite travel site, also has multiple city/destination planners and it tracks all airlines in addition to the top 25 destinations. The link is all wonky, but it's on the front page.
Go to Asia and work your way west and by the time you end up in Scotland you'll be tired of not being around people who speak your language and ready to just come home.
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Fare Compare, which is usually used by more frequent travelers, has a great map-based search. First you pick your airport, then the region you're interested in, then your dates.
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You can use the trip planner at Air Treks to get an idea of a multi-city itinerary.
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Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to Turkey.


- a near-total absence of British bachelor/ette parties
- great for kids: diapers, kid-friendly food, and smiling old ladies all over the place
- cheap (well, cheapish) - no evil euro or pound to contend with
- basic Turkish phrases are pretty easy to pick up, except for "thank you," which is like seven syllables and which I never mastered
- pretty straightforward to get to and get around with trains, buses, cheap flights, etc
- nice weather in the off-season - I was there in March 2003 and had super weather with highs in the low 70s in Istanbul
- huge amount of historical stuff that's relatively uncrowded and easy to explore on one's own, especially away from places visited by cruise ships
- mosques! Roman ruins! beaches! cave cities! mountains! boat rides to the Bosporus!

It's far from Seattle, but everywhere's far from Seattle these days, no?
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Peru is fabulous, but everything worth seeing has tourists crawling all over it. I recommend Argentina (Buenos Aires, Patagonia, MENDOZA), beautiful weather and not too many tourists. Throw Chile in there and you can see everything from desert to glaciers to the highest peak in latin america. Suffer through the tourists in order to see Machu Picchu on a quick jaunt to Peru and you have a yourself my ideal vacation. BUT you have to be careful about your little one (and yourselves) drinking the water. You can get pretty sick. The roads are easy to drive, but they aren't particularily safe.
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You can also do a multi-city search on expedia.
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Greek islands are awesomely awesome. The best part is that if you don't like where you are? hop on a boat the next morning and you'll be somewhere completely different by lunchtime. You can go to Cyprus/Istanbul/Cairo via the same boat network too.
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Tripbase.com is a site i go to when i'm bored at work and full of wanderlust. You can enter in the details you'd like (nightlife? beaches? sightseeing?) and it will give you suggestions on places that you might like. It uses the same slider navigation thingies that makes Kayak.com so much fun.
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I have a friend who's working in Armenia for the summer, and he is enjoying it quite a bit (to say nothing of the ridiculous cheapness of it). Another friend is chilling out in Ghana with his older brother, and they both enjoy it there -- it's a fairly safe and stable place to visit, contrary to Africa's reputation. If it were me, though, I'd head to Armenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, or any of the Baltic States (and you wouldn't be too far from Turkey, either, if you're interested in following up on mdonley's advice). It's a uniformly cheap region, and there's lots of funky culture and places to visit that you don't really hear about in the States.
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