Does this site already exist?
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in my mind i envision a website where you put your departing airport and the site pulls together current last-minutes deals to all sorts of destinations

For instance, I came across this website and I was wondering if there was something similar in the US.

I don't have a particular destination in mind (could be domestic or international), am located in the northeast and want a last minute winter getaway.

I have searched on Google but I am coming up blank. Does such a site exist?

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Kayak buzz
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Yeah, you want Kayak Explore (used to be Buzz).
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Expedia has a page of last minute deals. Oddly, I can't find it in their menus, but I can get to it by searching in Google for "last minute flight deals from " or in the Expedia search box for "last minute". It seemed to know my starting location. Orbitz and Travelocity have similar pages, but they don't seem to restrict the starting point so you have to sift through all the deals.
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Adioso does this -- enter, for example, New York to somewhere warm, and it gives you all kinds of possibilities.

an acquaintance of mine runs the site; would love it even if it wasn't the case
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