Fabric stores in NYC.
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I'm going to hit the fabric stores in NYC later this week. Yippee! Yahoo!! I have a few specific questions inside.

I actually went to NYC for same a few months ago, but once is not enough of course, and I'm sure there are plenty of places that I missed. I spent most of the time in Mood and B&J, which were awesome.
  • My biggest question is: I coulda sworn I read a while ago that there's a fabric store somewhere (Brooklyn?) that specializes in leftover fabric from big designers (Oscar de la Renta, etc.). But it's nowhere to be found on Google! Did I imagine this?!
  • Are there any online directories of stores that are updated and useful? The one I used last time was ok, but it didn't get into that much detail (yes, we sell apparel fabric!), and it was also out of date (I walked several blocks to a place that had been closed since before the pandemic).
  • If there is a good directory, should I ignore the ones that say "wholesale", since I'm only looking for small amounts of fabric?
  • I have not yet gone to Brooklyn for fabric, but I'm assuming it's awesome too. Is there a directory for stores there, and/or can you tell me your favorites?
  • I adore Pacific Trimming. Are there other awesome hardware places? Especially ones that have purse frames?
  • Are there any stores that specialize in outerwear fabrics?
  • Are there any other stores that I just Should. Not. Miss. that I don't know about? I'm interested in apparel and bags/leather.
  • Should I be looking elsewhere for these things? Like NJ or somewhere that I don't know about?
Dr. Google, as you know, does NOT replace the collective wisdom of folks on Metafilter.

Thank you!
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Best answer: Just FYI, if you were planning on hitting up Purl Soho, their physical store is still closed for pandemic. (Also, dangit, turns out Metalliferous closed its physical store a couple years ago.)
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Best answer: I adore Pacific Trimming. Are there other awesome hardware places? Especially ones that have purse frames?

Daytona Trimming on 39th has more emphasis on things like ribbon and elastic and other things that come on reels (and zippers) but could be worth a stop. No idea if they have purse frames. (I first went with a friend who was going there specifically. But they were nice to me when I came back on my own being kind of clueless about zippers.)

I think Mood and B&J are the only two garment district fabric stores I've actually been in.
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Best answer: Are you thinking about FABSCRAP? They have a shop in Manhattan (appointment only) and a warehouse in Brooklyn.
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Best answer: 1. I think Liesl has it—Fabscrap is where you can get leftovers from designers. However, the shop in Manhattan is super small. I would not go there if you were looking for something specific. It's worth the trip out to Brooklyn.

2. I don't know one.

3. Yes, ignore "wholesale," they won't sell to you without a wholesaler license.

4. I have actually never been to Brooklyn for fabric EXCEPT Fabscrap and nobody I know who lives in Brooklyn goes there. People go to Manhattan.

I definitely like Mood best but you probably already know it very well.
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Best answer: Mendel Goldberg
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Response by poster: Yes I think Fabscrap is it! Love you all!! <3
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Best answer: Fabscrap is great, I've only been to the Manhattan location. There's enough selection there for a fun browse but if you know you need something specific maybe better to go to the Brooklyn warehouse. On the other hand, the Brooklyn location is pretty deep in South Brooklyn and while there's other stuff to do in Industry City, there isn't other fabric shopping there as far as I know (concurring with everyone else about staying in Manhattan generally). I did just see that their Manhattan shop is now open for walk-ins (was previously by appointment).

Also seconding Daytona Trimmings for ribbons and elastics and fringes and that sort of thing. They have a variety of interesting/weird stuff and I have the sense it's cheaper than Pacific Trimmings in general. Plus an excellent cat (not sure if the cat is there presently due to pandemic weirdness) and more-helpful-than-gruff customer service.

I'd add M&J Trimmings into the mix if you want buttons. That's my go-to place for unusual and fancy buttons plus finding matching replacement buttons for random RTW items now that Tender Buttons is closed (RIP) and also having actual Gutermann threads in every color so I can color match in person (despite my deep appreciation for Daytona, they only sell their kinda crappy own-brand thread).

I don't see any recs for Metro Textiles or Gray Lines Linen in the thread and want to recommend both, especially Metro Textiles. Kashi at Metro Textiles is super super helpful and friendly and doesn't make you feel like you're wasting his time with questions or by only buying a couple yards of fabric and the prices are phenomenally good. They have a wide variety of apparel fabric including some nice coating/suiting and natural fibers, good quality overall, and again, the prices (!). This is basically where I do all my garment district fabric shopping unless I need something they don't have.

Gray Lines is the go-to for linen, they have both apparel and home dec fabric, definitely less helpful customer service than Metro Textiles but again, so much linen. Prints/solids/all different weights. Prices are pretty good IMO, considering that linen is generally kind of expensive.
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Best answer: Was just coming in here to recommend M&J Trimming, so I'll second sparkling - my wife is a seamstress and we're in there every time we go to NYC together. It's fun for me too because they have a nifty collection of sew-on patches, enamel pins of little robots, and stuff like that. Not what you are seeking necessarily, but enough to entertain a civilian who's along for the ride.
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Best answer: 2nding Mendel Goldberg!
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Best answer: This is probably too late for the OP but a couple thoughts for future visitors:
- Seconding Gray Line Linen, they're awesome and have the same linens as Purl Soho but at Garment District prices. They also have extra extra wide linen, you can hem your own sheets for a fraction of the cost of buying them, if you have the patience. (I did it, once.)
- SIL Thread is my go-to for zippers, notions, and all the other random workroom bits you need. They sell things in student/home sewing quantities and also carry some hobbyist brands and tools. Panda Trimming has a big selection and some stuff that SIL doesn't, but they cater more to professionals and aren't as good for browsing.
- For dressy outerwear, Beckenstein Mens Fabrics/Fabric Czar would be a good place to check out. They're not cheap but the fabrics are very nice.
- Manhattan Wardrobe Supply is a little tangential to sewing but fun and not too far from the Garment District. They claim to have everything that a costume/wardrobe/makeup professional requires under one roof. In recent years, they've expanded into cosplay supplies too. Even more of a bonus tangent, Kremer Pigmente is a couple doors down the street.
- The stores that cater to the industry keep industry hours i.e. they close early and aren't open on weekends.
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Response by poster: Update: I had such a good time wandering around the garment district that I didn't even get to all the places mentioned! The new plan is to go back in a month or two and visit the non-garment district places (Fabscrap in Brooklyn and Mendel Goldberg in the Lower East Side).

And for the record: Lauren Trimming on W 37th is awesome, has a great selection of buttons and seems to be one of the few places that has a good selection of purse frames. :)
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