Babyfoot in a Bottle
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I want babyfoot in a bottle but I'm not finding it. Where is it?

Not necessary to have that brand. Just looking for foot chemical exfoliater in a bottle.
So I can treat only small areas of the foot.
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It won't be as dramatic as Babyfoot with spot treatment, but a foot cream with lactic acid, urea, or salicylic acid will do chemical exfoliation. I use AmLactin Foot Repair but there's also O'Keefe's Exfoliating Foot Cream, Dr. Scholl's Exfoliating Foot Lotion, and others.
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Maybe check with customer service for MUAC or The Ordinary to see if there’s something suitable. I’ve used their products on my face but not my feet—I think Babyfoot is much stronger.
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I really like Sally Hansen products for relatively intense chemical exfoliation of feet, like this but there are others in the collection. Fun fact, when I lived in Japan I could't get it imported, too strong!
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Get the wart remover that comes in a chapstick tube. It is highly concentrated salicylic acid. Rub a little bit on your crusty areas at night, put some plastic wrap on top, and then wear socks to bed.
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I just came in to recommend the Callus Eliminator Gel linked by TWinbrook above. Not exactly the same, actually works faster compared to babyfoot peeling over a couple weeks when the gel works all at once but possibly doesn't peel off as many layers as babyfoot. Maybe you could look into how often it is safe to use it. For the sake of ease, I use it outside and rinse with the garden hose in the warmer months.
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