female tricksters, pranksters, radical artists
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I'm looking for female tricksters, prank-sters or radical grrl artists who are creating contemporary playful political art in any genre including: pranks, graffiti, installation art or performance art, street protest groups, etc. Does anyone know where to find these wild women?
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The Guerilla Girls?
posted by evariste at 1:03 PM on March 28, 2006

Are you fishing for Guerrilla Girls link?
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Response by poster: yep - the Guerrilla Girls are great, and i've loved their work for a long time - but i'm looking more for new angles/approaches . . .
posted by nyoki at 1:07 PM on March 28, 2006

Feminist, New Old Neither Post Proto Grrl Art and Theory. maybe le tigre or Chicks on Speed.
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Chiho Aoshima is really cool.
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I'm not sure how political Miss Van intends to be but she did face political censorship in her early career (some done by angry feminists).
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What about Code Pink?
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I was going to suggest the Pink Bloque, but it appears that they're defunct.
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Oh, and the Radical Cheerleaders.
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Not to self-promote, but I do art like this from time to time. I recently created a small installation piece featuring rainbow-colored tampons, for instance, and I draw underground comix on occasion.

I'm not affiliated with any particular organization or group, though—I just like to create radical and thought-provoking art on occasion.
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What about Jane McGonigal in Berkeley? She was the chief instigator of The Ministry of Reshelving. She's also working on a disseration called "This Might Be a Game: Ubiquitous Play at the Turn of the 21st Century."
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You'll find 'em at universities, in the Fine Arts departments and the Women's Studies departments.
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Annie Sprinkle is awesome.
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Angry Women
(Okay, so it's a few years old.)

3 Card Molly is a performance art group in Chicago. They aren't explicitly political, so I don't know if they fit your requirements. (Full disclosure: friends of mine.) They're part of the spareroom cooperative, which might lead you somewhere. Or you could email them and see who they'd recommend.

Other people to ask would be the folks behind Lumpen Magazine, or performance curators at contemporary art museums.
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Response by poster: wonderful - thanks everyone for such great leads . . !
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