Very strange art?
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What on earth is this thing?

I saw this one in London, at the top of the pedestrian subway on the south side of the Westminster Bridge. I also saw similar small mosaics in other parts of London, and also in Paris.

Are they just incredibly random graffiti, or do they actually relate to each other and/or mean something? They're pretty cool, either way, I'm just not sure what they are exactly...
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Those look like the things that caused the panic in Boston. (Except that these don't seem to glow in the dark.)

My guess: some sort of viral marketing.
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Space invaders graffiti, baby.
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Sorry, link. Mayhaps?
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I second SCDB's guess.
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Odd, I saw a couple of those in Paris last winter.
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Seriously, it's not viral marketing. It's been going on for a while now.
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They're all over the world, though usually identifiable (iconic) video game characters. Supposedly started many years ago by the graffiti artist "invader" people have started copying him/her.

Link to a few
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There's a Q & A at Wooster Collective.
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That one ooks more Galaxian to me.
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Thanks for posting this. There's one in Montpéllier, not far from Place de la Comédie.
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Response by poster: There's one in Montpéllier, not far from Place de la Comédie

That's one of the ones we saw, along with one in the archway of one of the entries to the Louvre. Thanks for the info, everybody...
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I've seen a few here in L.A. also. In one place it even looks like they busted out the original 1/2" tiles on the side of the building and replaced them with an Invader.
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See also: this flickr pool.
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There's one of these on Loop bar in Melbourne, Australia. For that reason, Loop has generally been known as 'Space Invader bar' among my group of friends.
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Londonist has started mapping the London ones.
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There's one in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Saw it just this week.
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There's quite a few around Hoxton in London (naturally). I've also seen some on the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC, and an alleyway in Edinburgh.
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In the June 4 New Yorker, there's a profile of Paul McCartney, which mentions him taking a picture of one of these in an alley in London.
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Thanks for the Flickr pool link, nerdcore. I have a couple shots of them from Paris two years ago I can add!

Somehow I had heard of this (I think here on MeFi actually) before I went to Paris so when I came across them I knew what they were.
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