Looking for the perfect denim jacket.
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Shopping online for a denim jacket for myself. Details beneath the fold.

I’m looking for a medium to dark wash traditional denim jacket (drop sleeves, relaxed fit, medium wash) in women’s plus size. Nothing cropped, something I could wear over a sweater and still button up the front. I will be having a design embroidered on the back, so I’d like to find something that will be able to take embroidery.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I’m having trouble figuring out how much ease I need. I’m anywhere from a 12-16 in tops, and figuring out ease over sweaters or other outerwear is challenging.

My budget is $75 or less.

Any suggestions?
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I'd look for an American-made vintage men's jacket in large on eBay. My vintage Carhartt gets compliments every time I wear it. It's nothing fancy, just a medium-blue unlined trucker jacket. I think the quality of the construction must give it some extra aura.
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Honestly, look at Levi's classic men's jacket.
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Levi's is a classic -
Original Trucker Jacket (plus size)
Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Jacket (plus size - oversized fit)
30% off code: YESPLS
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Look around at Target.com. They always have a variety, and their returns are handled really well right now (vs. other retailers in Covid times).
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I"m a big fan of the denim jackets sold at Uniqlo. They have a few styles and great sales sometimes, too! My only complaint is that their sizing can be unpredictable.
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I have a cheap no-brand denim jacket that I love. It says women but it's pretty classically men's cut. I can't button the bottom button because of my butt.

This doesn't deter me, most of the time I'm wearing it it's open with a flannel or hoodie or a big lush sweater under it, got plenty of play in the tors even though I'm a G cup. But if you are at all hippy, you're going to struggle to find a classic cut denim jacket that will let you do up the bottom button. That's why you see so many cropped styles for women. It's because of the butts. If you are more triangle shaped it will probably be fine.
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also suggesting levi's here, but you should take a look at gap. this is one item they do really well.
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