How can I get several replacements for 4" plastic lids?
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I make a bunch of food then store individual servings in lidded glass containers. Some of the plastic lids aren't designed for long life, and I can't find a good replacement.

The containers in question are marketed as "custard cups". They came with fitted plastic lids that are exactly 4" in diameter. Most of these now have splits on the edge, and some even have small holes. I've been washing them by hand to try to extend their lives, but with limited success.

I did find some silicone lids and bowl covers on Amazon, but they either come in sets of one each of different sizes, or they are very difficult to clean (this is supposed to save time).

The manufacturer does sell replacement lids, but they are a bit expensive for something that I expect to disintegrate again.
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$2.99 apiece for those lids is a total racket.

Bed Bath & Beyond only wants $1 apiece for their Working Glass 3 3/4" lids (which I bought at my food co-op for $.50 each), and I think Arcoroc/Luminarc glass has far greater impact resistance than Anchor Hocking. Those lids don't last forever either, however.
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I use the silicon bowl covers. I only wanted 2 of the sizes originally but I find I do use most of them, one can get creative :) I also have a set of suuuper stretchy jellyrubber things similar, which are likewise versatile (moreso than the limited-stretch ones).

Both sorts dead easy to clean, hot soapy water like the rest of the washing up.
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This won't help if you need to travel with the containers. But if you are using them at home, then you might consider buying or making your own reusable beeswax fabric food covers or a vegan version.
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I use a smaller version of these silicone lids for storing opened cans in the refrigerator and I've been very happy. They stretch to form a tight seal - product says it should fit a 4" diameter. In my use, the covers don't really get dirty so a quick hand wash does the trick. I supposed if things tend to get splashed on the lid and dry out then it will take more effort to clean (although soaking them first might alleviate the problem.
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I really like the stretchy silicone lids you can find on Amazon - I have circles, rectangles, and squares.
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