Seeking specific black teacup
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Researching a possible gift, I found this image of a cup and saucer which would be perfect, but although I find the same image duplicated many times on Pinterest and other sites dedicated to objects of desire, I haven't tracked it down to any original, purchasable source. Can anyone help?
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Using tineye (reverse image search engine) the image traces to POYVORE, which appear to sell various fancy implements, however the link on their page ( gives no link to buy but instead points to an imagebank link. Another source leads to a Indulgy blog. I'm guessing it was created as a piece of art and you can't actually buy it.
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Best answer: On tineye many matching images are named "DEBENHAMS" which is a UK department store that does sell designer teacups... unfortunately this one no longer seems to be available there.
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Best answer: Everything I can find points to a store called Debenhams, but it looks like they don't sell it anymore.
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try Replacements, Ltd
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Replacements link To similar item.
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Response by poster: effluvia, thanks, that Wedgwood is nice but not nearly black enough.
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