Caribe coffee cups without handle
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Help me replace my mother's beloved Puerto Rican coffee cups.

For decades, my mother has had a set of these white coffee cups without handle, made by a pottery called Caribe in Puerto Rico: picture 1, picture 2, picture 3.

Over time, cups have been lost or broken and now only a couple of cups remain. I want to help my mother replace the lost cups, but trawling eBay and also Etsy every once in a while for the last few months has been without result. Is there any other way I might find these cups?

Or if I can't find identical cups, something very similar would do. We have actually been searching for similar cups for years with little result. Our cups are small but thick, and the handle-less white cups we find are usually bigger or more square-shaped. But something similar must exist somewhere out there?
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You might want to try the Caribe listenings at Replacements, Ltd. I've replaced handpainted mugs from them before that I was sure nobody would ever have.
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Best answer: You are looking for "cupping bowls" or bouillon cups. They are common in the coffee industry for doing controlled tastings.
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This look exactly like the teacups of many a (US-)Chinese restaurant to me. If your town has a Chinese or other Asian supermarket, you might look there for a substitute.
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Ack, the link didn't post. Bouillon cups on amazon.
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Those look to be shaped like the custard cups I have in my diner china collection. If you can't find better replacements, not only would restaurant-ware custard cups be visually similar - they'd be affordable and damn near indestructible. Here are some incredibly similar Buffalo China Custard Cups. These are what I have. These are also similar, and called ramekins, but ramekins usually have flatter bottoms though that can be a good search term.
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Maybe size matters? There's no reference in the photos. How big are these cups?
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Caribe was made by Iroquois/Sterling. Here's a collector site (not for only this pattern)--you might also try various antique/collectible dealers in San Juan.
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Rash, unless that lighter is some bizarre size, there is a pretty good reference.
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Maybe too silly, but I find my thick-walled, handle-less Anthora cup very satisfying.
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This looks identical, but there's only one: Caribe Bouillon Cup.
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Here are a couple of Caribe cups from a seller on Etsy (these are pink and grey but look really similar).
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Navy ships sometimes have cups without handles.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the help! Armed with the term "bouillon cup" I have found several almost-identical cups (unfortunately all in restaurant supply wholesale stores. I don't think my mother needs three dozen new cups). But this helps a lot!
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