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Stylish womxn of mefi: what are you wearing at home during this pandemic?

I like to dress up somewhat - it's fun. However, working from home for the past 6 months (and not needing to be on video much), I've mostly been in mismatched sweats, tees, and shorts. It's going into fall where I live, and I'd like to change things up to feel a little more stylish and less frumpy. If you're a generally stylish person, what do you wear at home to feel both comfy AND put together?
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Black leggings and soft cotton dresses! With or without cozy wool socks on.
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Drawstring pants with fancy pattern and deep pockets. Uniqlo has some that are called “relaxo” I think, that come in fun bold prints. Also, cotton dresses in fun patterns, and I assume I’ll go back to leggings once it gets colder.

You could do fun jewelry and makeup?
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I basically dress my top half the same as I did when I was going into the office -- I favor patterned cardigans over solid tees. I do the same thing with dresses (which I actually rarely work to the office) and have also made an effort to dig out things that I hadn't been wearing to work as much.

Pants have been a bit of a problem for me. I have been living in jeggings and am really starting to hate them, so I'm looking for some kind of soft cotton pants (but not leggings).
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Best answer: I get this! I feel crappy when I just wear random tshirts every day and never change out of my sweatpants, even though it seemed fun at first. I now reliably change into and out of “daytime” clothes for work, even though I’m just sitting at home at my computer.

I rely on a small rotation of high-waisted, loose-fitting linen pants that I love, paired with basic tank tops and drapey tucked-in tees. The profile is always high waisted and tucked in, which I find both comfy and flattering. Now that it’s cooling off, I’ve bought some joggers, wide legged pants, and paper-bag waist pants in slightly heavier fabrics to replace the linen, and started adding loose-knit drapey sweaters over the same tanks/tees as needed. I’m keeping everything in colors and color combos that feel flattering. My pants are green, rust, black, and heather grey, and I’ve been doing black and white tops a lot but also pairing darker colors in a way that is not my usual (like green and purple, or black and navy), so I’m getting some exploration in without ever changing the basic comfort level. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it but I also have a selection of fabric masks that I coordinate with my outfits.

Here are some random pics that are similar to my summer WFH style: 1 2 3 4 5
And here’s where I figure I’m headed for fall: 1 2 3 4 5

I also miraculously found an inexpensive low-impact sports bra that I like (Lululemon‘s Like Nothing bra) and bought several, so I can feel Zoom-appropriate without the discomfort of a real bra (I am someone who would never wear a sports bra anywhere except the gym under normal circumstances, so this is a compromise). I’ve also compromised in the shoe department, having bought my first ever pair of Chacos (Mega Z/Cloud in Solid Gold) and basically lived in them all summer. I love my Chacos so much but would NEVER have bought them pre-pandemic.

Finally, I have perfected a rapid “no makeup” look that is just a few dabs of concealer, a swipe of blush, my usual mascara, and a bit of eyebrow gel. I scrapped the more comprehensive or finicky elements like foundation and eyeliner, but still look a little more polished on Zoom. And people don’t think I have covid just because of my undereye circles!
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Literally everything in my closet (not at the same time), including costumes and eveningwear. I was documenting on Instagram for a while, but I got tired of posing. t's been a total blast, though.
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Betabrand's dress pant yoga pants are super comfy but look put together.
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I bought a bunch of on-sale silk nightgowns from Papinelle (similar to this, but I paid a lot less). Now I feel fancy even when I oversleep.

I've also been wearing comfy dresses: linen dresses from Curry Beth, secondhand vintage-style sundresses that I hunt for on Poshmark, and a great wrap dress from the Gap.

Pro-tips for Papinelle: Use a credit card with free international transactions. They tell you it's in local currency, but it's really not. And they have great sales a couple times a quarter.
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Pretty, vintage, full-length slips, as I dwell on the surface of the sun. I like that, even paired with a long, gauzy wrap cardigan after sunset, I can see the lacy, embroidered details which usually vanish under my street clothes. And slips are hand wash/delicate-cycle wash and hang dry, cutting dryer use in this heat.
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We've just come out from winter work from home on this side of the world, and my answer for this has been nice knits - tops, cardigans and sweaters on very high rotation, and cute accessories (earrings, necklaces, broaches). Super comfy but also stylish and warm in cool weather.
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I have been Pinterest-browsing for "lagenlook" ideas - it's a style that's kind of boho-hippie-arty meets cozy. Someone in another thread here once described it as "Artsy retiree who's just done with wearing bras" - think lots of tunics, scarves, soft pants, dresses over leggings....

The danger is that you could go a bit overboard and look like you're drowning in cloth, but it just looks so damn comfortable.
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Best answer: Not too long ago I thrifted some black jersey knit palazzo pants, and can I tell you that nothing has been the same ever since? They are as comfy as sweatpants, yoga pants or pyjamas, but have a 1940s, or even 1970s does 1940s aura of glamour that has earned me compliments every time I venture out in them. They're by Tahari, and are a little thicker than yoga pants, but they look like this pair from Free People. I am a rather short and average sized person, and they are super flattering. They work with everything I already own - fitted tees, a cardigan over a tank or on its own, and going into fall, light cashmere sweaters. I wear them with sneakers, ballet flats or sandals. So my fall wardrobe is going to be based on this proportion/look. The internets are very full of colourful, patterned and interesting wide legged pants right now, some of them over-styled, but I'm currently searching for more variations on the theme in neutral colours in lifetime quality - I'm done with hard pants!
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When I started this back in March, it was mostly leggings and sweaters, then t-shirts, but I had bought some dresses in February for spring/summer, and I finally just started wearing my dresses. Even though most days nobody sees me. Still not putting on makeup and most of the time, my hair is on top of my head in a messy bun, but I feel better about myself when I'm not super casual all the time.
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Dresses that aren't so fitted as to be uncomfortable. In the winter when it was cold I would sometimes wear yoga or pj pants under them because who has time for tights, but dresses are very comfortable and look good on video chat.
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I started to wear khaki shorts with zippers last month — been working from home since March. I was getting very tired of "soft clothes" like leggings and joggers. Plus I missed pockets! I have since purchased some light joggers in some type of "technical" fabric with big pockets. (It's not like I carry a lot of stuff around the house in my pockets; I just prefer them for some reason.) I wear t-shirts for the most part, unless I have meeting with people other than my colleagues — then I wear one of my "work" tops. I "meet" my co-workers every day and they are pretty much in t-shirts, too.
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Best answer: I wore leggings and t-shirts for the first week of working remotely and then the novelty wore off. I like getting dressed and I'm actually having more fun getting dressed now than in the before-times when I had a bike commute and weather considerations. Here's what I'm wearing...

- Jumpsuits! I have never worn jumpsuits before due to the ick factor of having to basically get naked to use a public restroom, but that's not an issue at home.
- Super wide-leg pants in various lengths, in tencel twill, cotton, or linen, with elastic in the back waistband.
- Long button-ups or other tunics with ponte slim-fit pants, or leggings.
- Sack dresses in fun colors/patterns. No zip, maaaaybe loosely knotted waist ties, maximum comfort. When it gets cooler I'll replace my cotton/linen sack dresses with knit wool dresses.
- Earrings, just rotating through simple studs, nothing big or dangly.
- I got a pair of slip-on shoes to wear just during work hours, because slippers were bringing down my otherwise fun outfits.
- NO UNDERWIRES never again
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Cotton dresses are materially the same as a nightgown, but feel like dressing up because it's not athleisurey. I have an old American Apparel infinity dress I deconstructed and reproduced in 5 different patterns and a bunch of $10 jersey basics from H&M. Accessorize if necessary, or wear without a bra while crumpled on the couch for 12 hours.
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My favorite thing for comfort this summer has been cheap, super soft knee-length knit shorts from Target on the bottom and whatever I would otherwise wear to a meeting on top. Now that it's starting to get a little chillier here there are going to be a lot of button down shirts and lounge pants (I got these last year from Universal Standard and they immediately went into heavy rotation).
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Best answer: I just splurged on a bunch of bralettes that are comfortable but offer decent support. I sometimes wear them in lieu of a shirt when I'm off video but working away in my humid, million-degree apartment.
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I like dresses for work from home style and comfort. Nau has nice structured ones.
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Oversized/loose fitting dresses - ideally with no buttons or zippers. Ironically, I didn't wear them too often when I had to go into an office as they seemed a bit too dressy. But at home, it feels marvellously indulgent and so so comfy. Paired with some flat sandals that I can slip on and off. Examples: 1, 2.

As the season changes I think I'll continue this theme and go with cosy sweater dresses, shirtdresses, and t-shirts with pull on maxi skirts paired with closed toe flats or "fashiony" sneakers to go outside, like Vejas.
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Best answer: I find that my clothes don't matter as much if I fill in my eyebrows and wear all-day lipstick (so it doesn't budge if I put on a mask), and then I feel better all day. Mascara helps too, and I do a full light face of makeup whenever I can get around to it. But brows and lips are the rock bottom basic for me. With brows and lips, if there's a quick video call or I go outside and a neighbour walks by, I feel put-together enough that my weird clothes could look like a deliberate choice.
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