Summer weight cardigans
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I'm hoping for recommendations for very lightweight cardigans I can wear over tank tops this summer without becoming a sweaty mess.

My recently lost go-to cardi was made from a loose and very soft t-shirt material that was just a bit stretchy and not see through at all. It had a round hem that hit around mid-butt and two scoop pockets. I really like this one but it's out of stock in my size (large). Do you have a favorite you can recommend?
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I love my Uniqlo cardigans; they have held up very well. Get the supima cotton one because it is not see through (avoid the “summerweight” one). They come in v-neck or crew neck and offer UV protection. The hem is straight rather than round—don’t know if that’s a dealbreaker for you.
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Groupon, surprisingly, Is a great option.
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Seconding Uniqlo. We had to wear long sleeves for work and Japanese summers are brutal, but the UV cut lightweight cardigan was a staple in most of our wardrobes.
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Catherines has these. I just bought one & liked it so much I went back & got another, I love them though they might not meet your not see through request they are about as see through as the one you linked.
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This looks to be a looser weave but not overly see-through. Old Navy and Gap have a variety of other options too, like this one, depending on sleeve length and overall length desired. This one is cute too, but maybe too open-weave?
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Best answer: Unfortunately, the one at Sundriven I was going to recommend is also out of stock. But maybe another of their wraps could work?

Because they're meant to be worn in the sun, the fabric is exactly what you're looking for, in terms of breathability and opacity.
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Toad & Co.'s Hemply cardigan gets good reviews as a breathable "layering piece" (as the fashion mags say) and looks like just the thing to take the edge off incredibly artificially chilled indoor summer environments. And it's a hemp-cotton blend, a combination that I've found to be both soft and sturdy in clothing from other brands.

$85 at Toad & Co.
; $63.75 at Zappo's.

No pockets, though. :/
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Best answer: Just came across these on clearance at Duluth. Thought you might be interested.
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