Long cardigans, please.
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I would like more long cardigans. What are your favorites currently for sale?

I'll consider any price range, but it's hard to imagine that I'll pay more than $200 for a sweater. Bonus points for styles that are not too overpowering on a small woman.
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I prefer cardigans with pockets and in fabric that is not too scratchy.
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How long is long? Thigh-length? Knee-length?
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Thigh length or longer, I'm flexible on length but should be below the hips.
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The Gap has AMAZING cardigans in Merino wool that sell for around $60-70 CAD and sometimes they have 30% or 40% off sales. I don't know about their other types of cardigans. The Merino ones come in tall and petite sizes (I'm 6'1" and wear the tall size and my tiny 5'2" friend wears the petite size. We are both obsessed.) They have pockets and are really soft. Two styles: crew neck and v-neck.
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J. Crew has a bunch. Their natural fiber ones are fine for texture, I've never tried others.
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(I should say, the "everyday cashmere" options are "bracelet length," which on my arms looked sort of awkward. But that is, I think, very dependent on your arm length!
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I love this cardigan from Nordstrom - Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Lite Circle Cardigan. It’s super super soft and a nice cut. Here is a post with photos on a petite style blogger, it’s longer on her than on the model but looks good on both of them.
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American Eagle carries long cardigans every season, and they stock everything in XXS — as someone under five feet, I can wear their clothes! Looks like most of their styles this season have pockets.
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These are on the shorter side of long, but I got one of these petite-sized cardigans from Kohl's and they're really comfortable and soft: Petite Croft & Barrow® Essential Open Front Cardigan

I'm five feet tall, so they are a little longer on me than on the models pictured.
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I adore my black Bobeau asymmetrical cardigan from Nordstrom Rack. It's incredibly soft and lightweight enough to wear year round. I'm only 5'3" so the XL hits me at about mid-thigh in the back and just below the knee in the front.
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