Where are the good-quality merino cardigans?
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Where are the good-quality (i.e. not absurdly thin) women's merino cardigans? Just a straight-up crewneck merino cardigan of good weight and durability. I realize it's a terrible time of year to be looking but this is a staple item of my wardrobe and all my good ones are biting the dust. Things I am NOT interested in: cashmere, cotton, tissue-thin anything, V-neck cardigans.
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Uniqlo. Thin, but not absurdly thin. Lovely fit and colour options.
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Seconding Uniqlo.

Pendleton? (I have a cardigan of theirs but not this one)

Woolovers? (I have a non-merino cardigan of theirs and love it)
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To me, Uniqlo merino wool is the embodiment of poor quality - thin to the point of transparency and so flimsy that it clings to whatever you are wearing under it like hosiery (but I am a huge fan of other Uniqlo products). Icebreaker merino cardigans are much better quality, here is a crewneck cardi that's 100% merino.
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I should note about the Uniqlo ones that they've got different weights and vary both year to year and style to style, but even their thin ones are generally warm and durable. (I wear them biking, and wash them, uh, seldom.) The thicker ones have pilled more than the thinner ones.
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Garnet Hill
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Banana Republic? I only have their merino wool crewneck sweaters, not cardigans, but the quality of the wool is very good.
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I've been alternating between two icebreaker sweaters (not basic cardigans, but the quality looks/feels the same in store) nearly every day for over three years, and they both still look wonderful and practically new. Superb quality, wonderfully warm for how thin they are, magically not too warm when it's in the high seventies but I don't want to take off my sweater in the office 'cause I'm wearing a cami underneath.

I only wash them when they start to smell (roughly once a month, but I don't sweat much), regular cycle, hang to dry. Can't recommend their products enough!
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I wear the Uniqlo merino v-necks and have not encountered any flimsiness or clinginess, and only a little bit of pilling. If the cardigans are the same weight, I think they would be fine.

I adore Icebreaker but they cost more than 5x Uniqlo, so if you want quantity, it’s a less viable option.
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L L Bean will have some.
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I buy the Uniqlo v-necks and they are okay, but very very very much you-get-what-you-pay-for. Quite thin.

This is the worst season to be buying wool sweaters, unfortunately. They've already gone through winter-season sales and are on to spring. During the regular season, J.Crew and BR would have okay options, at least a little more substantial than Uniqlo. Ibex just closed, so Icebreaker? They and LL Bean will be a bit better quality, but not too fashionable a cut.
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I bought a merino sweater from Banana Republic in the fall and there was a hole in it within a couple of wears. I really like the cardigans from Lord and Taylor — they’re much thicker — but I think they only come in v-neck.
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I buy my non-Icebreaker merino from Neiman Marcus Last Call. The prices and quality are generally good, although it's hit or miss as to sizes, colors and styles available.

I agree that the Uniqlo merino is thin, clingy and high-pill.
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This would depend on what's in stock for you regionally (the EU site still has a range of colours, though not the gorgeous dark green I got in November) but I've been really pleased with my Gap crewneck merino cardigans - currently at about six months of weekly wash/wear use, and they look pretty much good as new. They have pilled much less than my Uniqlo ones.
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J Crew. They have several options. Not a crew neck but this one’s on big time sale.
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