Where can I buy a Ninteno Switch Console right now?
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My son wants a Nintendo Switch (not Lite). Apparently there is an international shortage. He almost bought one from "some guy" on Facebook Marketplace but it turned out to be a scam and luckily the purchase was aborted.

I see them listed on Amazon for over $500 (the "real" price is supposed to be around $300) and also who knows if and when they would ship?

Other than risking money and lives meeting strangers who claim to have these used or new, does anybody have any real, honest lead to one of these Switches? shipping to New York City would have to be part of the deal because I don't want my son going anywhere -- we're all socially paralyzed-in-place, or whatever they're calling it now (which is why my son is aching to play Animal Crossing).

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Refresh the Best Buy/similar site from incognito. I was able to nab a switch last week when it showed up as “available” on my partners phone while on my phone as the same time it showed up as “out of stock”
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Best answer: Here’s a bunch of links to retailers in my previous answer- good luck.
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Following this closely, bc I have been trying to buy one too - but it seems they are simply not available unless you’re willing to pay $500. I’ve read restocking estimates anywhere from 2-6 weeks.
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