Video conferencing with password/PIN protected breakout rooms
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I'm looking for almost the opposite of this query - our organisation would like to set up videoconferences where the participants aren't completely free to move between breakout rooms, but can only do so via a password or PIN so as to allow some level of self-management.

Zoom allows for breakout rooms (side discussions) but, AFAIK, there are only two ways to manage this:

1. The default, where users (once assigned to a room) can move there or come back to the main conference, but cannot move between rooms.

2. The alternative, where all users are made co-hosts and can then move themselves between rooms.

We would like a third option: to set up a number of rooms that are protected by a password or PIN, and have users be able to move between rooms so long as they have the appropriate password or PIN for the room they wish to move to. That allows more flexibility that (1) but more security than (2).

From what I understand, Zoom does not allow this. Are there any videoconferencing systems that do, or would this need a bespoke (and thus likely expensive) solution?
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