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Ok, I am so late to this party, but... I want a Nintendo Switch, and I want to play the new Animal Crossing game. Do I get a Switch Lite? Can I still buy a console (don't need the special AC edition one, thankfully)? Can I customize the colors of said console like this? Please, Nintendo Switch 101 me. :)
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I asked a question about Switches a while ago, and got talked out of a switch lite. I think the extra screen real estate is worth it even though I never hook it up to a monitor. I also think it's worth it to get the more recent model with a more efficient processor / longer battery life but you could save some getting the older one if cost is the reason you're considering a Lite.

It looks like the customized colors are printed out and fit into a clear case. The Switch community on Reddit has posts about customizing pretty often, worth searching there for more options.
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Just on the basis that my youngest kid has managed to wear out the sticks on three controllers so far, I'd avoid the lite. Replacement joycons are expensive, but still a lot cheaper than a new console.
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Response by poster: Is it safe to buy just the limited edition console from eBay (unboxed, separated from the controllers etc)? Now that I am looking at it it's really cute, but still so expensive.

I honestly can't figure out how to just get a regular set.
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I would not spend $150 over the price of the console just to get an Animal Crossing themed Switch.

You can buy a "normal" Switch many places online. Target has it in stock.
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Best answer: You can get a regular set here. Or basically anywhere that sells Nintendo stuff. Nintendo does not offer customization of the console but you can buy "skins" and apply them yourself.
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Also, 3rd party controllers work pretty well. My left controller started to drift so I bought a pair off Amazon and my only gripe with them is because they're larger than the official ones they don't work with Ring Fit.
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Best answer: I just bought another switch for a birthday. It's a terrible time to get one - in part because a new one WAS expected later this year, and in part because it's just 2020 and why would anything normal happen.

Here is who has it: Retail that is out online:
Nintendo has been honoring its warranty but eventually it will be out of warranty and the control pads just wear out. It punishes the people who use their system the most, and people are rightly disappointed in it. Just comparing the whole thing to an xbox controller - it's clearly a cheaper device, and having spent a lifetime on nintendo I can't understand how they got it so wrong. My original gameboy is still going, and thats almost 20.

Repairing it yourself is possible, third party replacements seem fine, but we mostly just use a cheap controller for it.

edit: amazon link
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Response by poster: Whelp, looks like I am SOL for now because all the possible sources for the grey/grey model are out of stock. Thank you for all the input!! I can't wait to get my own.
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There’s been a run on Switches. Amazon’s price is now sky high and my local Target is out.
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Response by poster: I am still having anxiety about this because the FOMO is so strong. If I get a Switch Lite + game from Best Buy right now, I can also get a custom skin and still be completely under the base asking price for most of the full Switches on eBay. But I just realized that the Lite has the same screen size as my Pixel 3 (5.5) which I am currently squinting at a bit.

This is a first world dilemma of the first order but I need a relaxing game to play and this is on my mind like crazy.
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Response by poster: K, I decided to go for it. Everything came to $320 (Lite, game, case.) I'll upgrade to a full one when they eventually come back in stock and go down in price. Thank you all for your input. ☀️
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