What can a state PAC do in a federal race?
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I lead a subgroup in the Democratic Party of New Mexico. We are registered as a PAC (political action committee) with the NM secretary of state. We are considering various types of involvement in a congressional race. Is anyone familiar with any federal election law or regulations that might be applicable?

As a state PAC but not a federal PAC, do we have any restrictions on:
* Endorsements,
* Publicity and communications,
* Volunteering, or
* Financial contributions?

Please do not speculate. I am seeking answers based on only relevant background or sources.

In fact, if you can cite a source, it would help a lot when I relay info to my group.

Thank you.
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You should read this if you haven't already.
posted by kickingtheground at 9:25 PM on February 7, 2020

This on coordinating communications seems relevant as well.
posted by mark k at 10:26 AM on February 8, 2020

These are a lot of help! Thank you.
posted by NotLost at 8:37 PM on February 8, 2020

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