Help me find a new Home Depot shower head.
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You have a shower head that you bought from Home Depot that you really like! It wasn't too cheap. It wasn't too expensive. It's held up decently and is durable. It doesn't waste water but also doesn't feel like a trickle of piss. Can you tell me which one it was so I can buy it too?

For Reasons, it must be available at Home Depot. I'm sorry, I know.
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Best answer: This Moen is Wirecutter's upgrade pick for best showerhead. $90. I bought one they previously ranked best (since discontinued, I believe), and it continues to be great. What's too expensive? Whatever it is, it's your shower, and you're worth it.
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Best answer: I moved to a new place in August and got this Moen one. I like it a lot; it has excellent pressure without making you feel like you’re being hosed to death. Guests have also commented favorably. Very easy to install, too. And yep, I got it at Home Depot.
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We have this Delta one that I love. All the different settings options are perfect for our "my shower must be perfect FOR ME and I hate YOUR settings" family, and the detachable middle section is a must for our needs (washing the dog, washing kiddo's hair, etc).
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Best answer: Do you want a fixed showerhead or a one with a handheld attachment. If fixed, I like this exact model from Kohler. This is basically the same as the Wirecutter recommendation for a fixed showerhead, but without the ability to change the spray pattern (which is useless to me) or any other settings. It's a showerhead. It gets you wet. It's good. It's $51.33.
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I got a Waterpik handheld at Home depo for around $40. Does what it says on the tin, no issues after 3 years of constant use by 4-6 people in my house. Put the teflon tape around the connectors before you screw it in and you'll be fine. Makes even the wimpy Bay Area water pressure feel luxurious.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! You've reduced my stress!
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