How long do California PACs have to report political donations?
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How long do California PACs have to report political donations?

I've Googled, checked out the CA SOS's website, and the Fair Political Practices Commission's website, but to no avail. I made a donation to a California PAC in March, and the check has not yet cleared my bank. The same thing happened last year, with the PAC taking over three months to process the contribution. In the fair state where I live, which is not CA, political contributions have to be reported to the Secretary of State's office quite promptly. I'm curious: does California have a similar law requiring prompt reporting? Might there be anything shady happening?
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If they didn't cash the check, they don't have the money, so why should they report it?
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Response by poster: Well, I answered my own question by asking someone in politics. They have a maximum of ten days to deposit the check, according to SEC rules. In my state, checks have to be deposited within 7 days, and they are certainly reported much sooner as well.
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