SuperPAC Hell
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Why is Safari on an iPad running iOS 5.1 ignoring my PAC file for https URLs?

iPad running iOS 5.1. PAC file is correctly formatted. As a test case, I've even configured the PAC to simply return "PROXY";, no dice.

The PAC file works just fine when I install it on my browser. Syntax checking says it's fine. Manually configuring the proxy for this network to be makes everything work perfectly, but the PAC for some reason will not function as expected.

I'm at my wits end with this one. Google is awash with people at .edu's whining about apple and very little technical details. Help me askmefi, you're my only hope!
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My initial thought was, you can't proxy https.

Googling seems to confirm this pretty clearly. eg StackOverflow
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Saw that stack overflow answer. The reason given is technically incorrect, and as stated, HTTPS proxies just fine via manual configuration. This is specific to using a PAC.
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And I should clarify, by technically incorrect, I mean incorrect for myriad technical reasons. That accepted answer on stack overflow is just plain wrong.
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The StackOverflow answer is indeed nonsense -- that's what the CONNECT method in HTTP is for. The proxy can't decrypt or modify the HTTPS traffic that it's proxying, but it's entirely capable of simply handing it along.

Can you post your PAC file for us, sanitized of private IPs/hostnames if need be? Otherwise its harder to tell what might be going wrong.
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McCoy Pauley: In my simplest test case, it's:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) { return "PROXY"; }
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