Ripping Vinyl in OS X
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I want to rip a bunch of old vinyl LPs. I have a nice Dual turntable which I got off eBay, and a couple of USB audio interfaces (an M-Audio Audiophile USB and an Emagic A26) which plug into a G4 Powerbook. I have Logic and Garageband. Do I need anything else? How do I go about applying the RIAA curve given my set-up? Would I be better off getting a real pre-amp? What are the cheapest options?
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Best answer: Check this out.
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Final Vinyl is free and made specifically for this purpose.
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I would buy a pre-amp or a dj mixer. It doesn't cost that much, try your local Guitar Center.

Also, you probably want to apply a little bit of compression to it after you record it, to give it some oomph.
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You definitely need a preamp to apply the RIAA curve between the TT and the audio interface. The "check this out" article designbot referenced is great -- Toast, Jam, Peak LE are what I use.

FYI you only need Jam if you are doing pro CD mastering, or adding "zero pause" track markers as you would have on a live album.
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I have a very similar setup: Technics 12s into a PPD1 mixer (the part you miss) into the audiophile--> computer...
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Best answer: Probably the cheapest way to get the preamp into the mix is to buy an old receiver/amplifier which has phono inputs (they all used to) and connect to your audio interface hardware via the line out.

I see old receivers at second hand stores and garage sales for $10 or less. Many people of two ar three old receivers in their attics even. Ask around. You might score a freeby
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"Many people have two or three . . "

Sorry, Tuesday brain . . .
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Keep in mind two things: any reciever/amp with a "phono" slot already has a pre-amp, and most have RCA outs that'll run directly to your USB adapter. Second, "mic" slots also have a preamp, but they're usually set to a different gain, which means that you can use them but should be wary and will likely have to jigger your computer recording volume settings. Still, you've got pretty much all you need. Now you just need a blog where you post the vinyl that hasn't been reissued, so us schlubs can download it!
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Best answer: Griffin Technology's iMic (USB) will take your turntable's phono-level output and fit it riiight up - and they have a companion app (only works with iMic) called Final Vinyl that has 10-band EQ in addition to switchable RIAA EQ - works great for me! $40.
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