Any advice for a SS/Inv. soloing Tanker in CoH?
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MMORPG Filter: Is there anyone who can give me advice on a good build to Solo in City of Heroes? I have a 17th level Super Strenth/ Invounrable Tanker named Brigs who has a respec. I need to make him a good solo'er (Work and family make me too unreliable to team with, sadly), adn I don't want to waste my one free respec. Any suggestions from past tankers?
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Well, the simple answer is don't be a tanker. Play a scrapper, they're made for soloing. You can solo as a tanker, but it's slow.This board, is really where you want to go for info. I'm sure there's a thread on there specificaly answering your question.
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For instance.
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Best answer: I solo'd up to 32 with an ice/axe tank before losing interest, so know that tanks sure can do it.

I'm not too familiar with SS/Inv, though. Thirding the notion of hitting up the CoH boards. I recommend this guide as it was written by a fairly stable and clear thinking tank bolster.
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COH boards will provide a lot of information -- WarCry may be a good source of info as well. I played a scrapper up to 50 (MA/Invul) and so Invul is a good set defensively speaking (they're much the same between scrappers and tankers), but I've been told that SS for tankers hits like a sickly kitten. I'm not sure about the soloability of that. I know it's not waht you want to hear, but fire tanks are VERY soloable (or at least were at one time). The way people used to cruise through the first 20 levels with Fire tankers was utterly breathtaking, actually.

Anyway, rambling aside, if you want to keep your SS/Invuln tanker, I'd go to the CoH boards.
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Best answer: Out of curiosity, what server are you on?

My friends and I are on Victory. Like you, we have lives and families and jobs, so we're not on as much as any power gamer. All the same, when we do play, we have a great time and work well together. If you want, give us a shout.*

When you respec, make sure you remember the change from the last edition. No more that three of the same kind of enhancement on any given power. Any beyond three results in diminishing returns.

In all likelihood, you'll be able to respec your tanker with an emphasis on higher defense and quick recovery (health and attack -- Hasten, while not as good as it used to be, will still help you), but know that you're solo fights are going to take a good long time, as your weaker attacks will chip slowly on your foes. And some enemy groups will just be impossible, like the Tsoo and their teleporting/healing Sorcerors. Bastards.

(* - I've a lvl 50 blaster called Suspicion, a lvl 33 controller called Burn Unit, a lvl 27 called The Mojito and several alts all the way down to lvl 3.)
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"you're" should've been "your" ... but you probably know that.
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Scrapper with Spines and a defensive set of your choice - I like Super Reflexes, though my friend swears by (I think it is called) enhanced healing (regeneration? I don't know).

Spines, especially when you six slot them, are among the best AOE attacks for power leveling solo.

The larger issue is that you need to pick your hunting grounds carefully. Avoid missions if at all possible and hunt exclusively in the restricted areas. In my experience, yellow groups are the best risk/experience balance.

As everyone else has mentioned, Tanks are slow. My Tank on Victory is SS/Inv and if I didn't play on teams, I would have given up after around lvl 15.
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Also, I have not felt this geeky at MeFi ever.
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FYI the "three is the max" rule applies to major enhancements at the single-origin level -- so three Damage SO's take you to about 96% of the damage cap, but three Defense Buff SO's will not take you so close (ie, you can four or five slot those, but typically it's not worth it). Better information than this should be all over the COH or WarCry forums/columns.
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Response by poster: Ok, I think I've about got it all figured out. I'm going to try out that guide, and as for what server: Protecter. Nobody's on Protecter... :(

But still, it's good times. Thanks, everyone!
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I have a couple of low level characters on Protector. Send me an email with your character name.

As we say in game, ":D"
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