I need Thumsup
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Help me find Thumsup in the Washington, DC area, or the US shipped to the DC area. I'm interested in purchasing 3+ cases to stock pile.

After going to India this past winter, I fell in love with a cola there by the name of "Thumsup". Available only in glass bottle, it sells for about 10-20 ruppees (about 0.50 cents) and has a very refreshing taste, less of the syrupy sweetness in coke, with a slight soft spice aftertaste.
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Have you tried one of the local Asian supermarket chains like Super H Mart? They have all kinds of stuffl like that.
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There are several Indian and Pakistani grocery stores (as well as restaurants, music stores, clothing stores, video shops, etc.) on University Blvd. in Langley Park, MD.

Udupi Palace restaurant might even serve it?
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Amma in Vienna has it. Maybe they'll sell you some?
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(sell you three cases of it, I mean. Or tell you where to get it.)
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Oh yeah, there is also an Amma in Georgetown on M street across from Pizzeria Paradiso, but I can't verify that they have Thumsup! there.
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"a very refreshing taste, less of the syrupy sweetness in coke, with a slight soft spice aftertaste"

And a lot MORE gas.
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I'm not sure why this page (which, as I look, might be too Asian and not SE Asian enough) doesn't list DC, but if you'll trek on over to Virginia you're sure to find an Indian grocer with some. There's all over the place out here in Herndon, like locusts.
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I looked, and I found pakola and goldspot for sale online but not the one you want. As an alternative, perhaps you could buy Mexican or Kosher Cokes (for that non-syrupy quality you mentioned) and add ginger or a spice of your choice to it until you get something approaching that flavor you like.
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If you don't find what you're looking for here, these folks may be able to help.
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