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I’m looking for an online support group for people who are being harassed online and it doesn’t ever stop, and police won’t pursue. It’s been going on in this spate for 18 months and off and on for 7 years. My health is deeply compromised.

I changed my name by deedpoll ages ago and they’ve dug up my old name and they’re posting calling me an anti Semite and a terrorist sympathiser and you know what that could get me or my sister with two little kids swatted or doxxed. Or shot. It just takes one dangerous right winger to link onto the offender’s posts. The offender has met me personally and is fixated, and used to date my husband before I knew him.

Police declined to prosecute due to staff shortages. Defamation case too expensive. I’m looking for a support group to deal with the emotional fallout! I have therapy, meds and other coping strategies. In the scope of this question I’m looking for a good, not-hostile-to-lefty-feminists, online support group. Like a secret / closed Facebook group or similar. This is URGENT. I need to be on twitter for my job and the risky tweets from the offender come up every time I post. Thank you! Also, if you have advice outwith the scope of this question my me mail is open.
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I am so sorry that you are experiencing this. There are several resources listed at the MeFi Wiki ThereIsHelp page, because you are not alone.
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I'm sorry, too. One organization not listed in the Wiki: CiviliNation, "a place for individuals to discuss the issue of digital civility, to share their concerns and experience with online hostility, to talk about the impact online hostility has had on them, to offer each other support, and to share ideas on how to create a positive online culture where people can freely engage without fear or threat of harassment or abuse." Facebook page.
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Zoë Quinn's organization Crash Override has lots of resources that might help.

Also, can you ... NOT have to be on twitter for your job for a bit? Can your work support you through this?
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PEN America's Online Harassment Field Manual has an overview of strategies, tactics, and support resources, including options related to blocking and muting by platform, including a crowd-source app for Twitter.
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